Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Missions Looming

New Missions Looming

Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm, Taming Encha, Book 3:
"      If I had ever felt removed, separated, alienated from the human species, my people surrounding me, it was at this very moment.
        I looked over at Jade, so beautiful and vibrant with life growing within her, and I felt as ancient as only Madge made me feel.
        I have taken many forms of life. I have loved many entities before. I still love those that were very special to me and I remembered their essence, their faces, their history as of yesterday.
        I have served in so many places. I wished to serve in so many more. I knew I would carry on indefinitely, infinitely, until The Creator deemed me redundant and made me one with Him again.

        Jade handed me comfortable civilian clothes, asking me to hurry up for James wished to see me urgently.
        The CMC had wasted a significant amount of time waiting for me to adjust to my new form and vibrational levels. They wished to know where they stood with me.

        Sighing, I followed her out to my common room that had been turned into an emergency command post.       "


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