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#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Healer Guides and Highs and Lows of Good days (27 April 2017)

27 April 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Healer Guides and Highs and Lows of Good days

12h30am         Sometimes, when my body aches and I can not come to rest, no matter how exhausted I am, I need a bit of assistance.
      Meet Katrina, my personal Healing Guide. One of the lovely Ladies on my Spiritual Team.
      Not many people know about Katrina. She is a quiet person and not much in the forefront of discussions, but a vital part of The Han Storm Saga.
      Katrina has been with me, on and off, in this lifetime, for more than forty years. Before that, she is mentioned in the early stages of the Creata adventures.
      It is Katrina's encouragement and warnings that kept this body alive through childhood, surviving atrocities and serious ill health spells. When this body wished to give out, she guided, sometimes not too friendly, how to heal it.
      But lately, for the last few years, since my sacrum injury and Jade leaving this world, she sometimes assists me with psychic or metaphysical anaesthesia when I can not get to rest.
      Imagine one of Han Storm's doctors? Now you are getting the picture.
      Why? is the next logical question to ask.
      Because sometimes life is just too much. Or the body needs to be contained while the spirit must travel somewhere else.
      Then the body is guarded while being 'out' - literally separated from it.
      This, unfortunately sometimes leads to complications and my beloved sits with me, watching over this body until I return.
      And when morning comes, I wake bright as a button and life-partner is annoyed and grumpy for he had no sleep at all.

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Chlophilia Words edited/read through: 6956
Chlophilia chapters prepared for Alpha reader
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Words written:  Blogs 1033, New Books 0, Office about 150

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