Tuesday, 25 April 2017

#DailyGrind H Gibson Upon Past Lives, Pottering, Living in the Now and Healing


#DailyGrind H Gibson Upon Past Lives, Pottering, Living in the Now and Healing  (24 April 2017)

 I'm currently re-reading the last chapters of Engaging Chlophilia for my Alpha reader before sending it to her for first scrutiny. I came to the conclusion that whatever guided me to write the books in this order was the proper way of reminding me of my adventures.
      I am only now ready to face this part of my history. Grown up enough to make sense of it all. As I re-read I realize how far I have come in my own evolution of a Soul-Spirit and how finely tuned my experiences are in healing my whole Being.

      Would I have been able, as a human, captured in this body in this lifetime been able to handle these intense memories that had been troubling me for millennia if I had written them in chronological order? 

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