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Leilaka Chapter 2 - The Chronicles of Han Storm Series - H Gibson - Author

LEILAKA Chapter 2

Trying desperately to sort out his befuddled memory, Han is captured. Not understanding the language makes it difficult to determine friend or foe . . .

Someone was asking me to wake up.

A familiar face was looking at me.

She had red hair and green eyes.

Her mouth did not move, yet I could hear her clearly.

A weight was pressing on my chest.

I could not breathe.

Panicked, I opened my eyes from this strange dream.

A shadow was blocking the entrance to my little cave.

This was not a dream.

Maybe if I kept still, they would not notice me.

Someone grabbed my foot.

I screamed at the person to let go, kicking out with my other foot, which was simply caught and used to drag me out of the hole.

Blinded by the sudden sunlight, I could only see shadows and light, but was determined not to be taken again.

Kicking and screaming, I yelled at them to leave me alone.

Two more shadows came forward.

My light body was quickly subdued by the man holding me. He simply restrained me by pinning my arms to my sides, lifting me off the ground. My legs could not reach him to inflict harm.

An authoritive voice gave me a command.

I stopped struggling, focusing on the older man.

He talked to me in a soothing way.

I felt I could trust this man.

He came forward. Taking hold of my chin, he inspected my face before asking me a question.

I did not understand his language, so kept quiet. "

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