Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Chronicles of Han in Belize - The Sauna

 Chronicles of Han in Belize - The Sauna

Travelling abroad is always an adventure. Why else would you do this, except for business or pleasure.

We stayed at Mr Ming's Hotel for a while, enjoying Placencia while adapting to the heat of living near the equator.

Coming from a perpetual Winter (South Africa, Cape Town area had not seen Summer for a few consecutive years), it was indeed a severe shock to the system to walk into the high 20 degrees while used to 11-18 degrees celcius days.

To adapt quicker, and stay healthy, we decided to use Airconditioners sparingly and sit in the Sauna if we had to. This approached worked and the heat is not that much of a drain on the energies any longer. It is still becoming Summer so we will see how this goes. We had a few 36-38 degree days already.

H Gibson in Belize, Placencia

** Ps. I was asked about the Booze. #Belikin is the local Belize beer. The alcoholic drinks are kept at the front of the shops and made a good backdrop for Saving Leilaka, seeing that Han became fond of some local Leilakan beverages as well.

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