Tuesday, 29 May 2018

#SpecialOffer #SponsorMyBook #ChroniclesofHan

#SpecialOffer #Sponsorship #AmEditing #NewBooks #SponsorMyBook

Would you like to contribute and assist in sponsoring an author who is behind on getting her books out (readers have been waiting 2 years for the next book)?

Would you like to join in the mass sale of ebook sets currently on special at US$35 (you get more than a million words of reading excitement) for yourself or gift it to a friend?

The goal is to reach US$24,000 to complete the editing of the next 2 books of which one will be forwarded to you in ebook as soon as it is released.

US$35 to PayPal, or Swift to my Bank Account.
ebooks are emailed to the contributor and they will receive the next release for free as soon as it is available.
5 x current published ebooks (more than 600 pages each)
1 x ebook next edition sent when released.
www.chroniclesofhan.com for more details
email chroniclesofhan@gmail.com