Monday, 1 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Blogs and Blogging (30 April 2017)

30 April 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Blogs and Blogging

9am Leisurely read-through #SaturdayScenes on Google Plus community. Pottering around on internet.

10am Start marketing for today.
      Someone asked about the ears. It was still twitchy through the night. I woke up a couple of time because of the discomfort, but it is stagnant this morning so I'm holding my breath and hope it is over now. 

11h22am Breakfast of buttermilk rusks and a lemon cream biscuit dunked in sweet coffee before chores and enforced exercise walk.

13h30pm Walk went better than yesterday.
      It looks as if we might have some rain. I would not mind at all.
      Getting on with placing blogs and then I'll settle down to the books again.

14h30-16h00pm Bit of a siesta. Not catching up on sleep. Once lost, sleep can not be regained. Not fully. You just carry on with your life.

Blogs. Did you know that doing these daily blogs take up a lot of extra time? I do not think many of the readers are aware how much work goes into blogs and websites, how many hours to maintain and renew and refresh so that the single click of a button gets them to an interesting article.
      Some blogs take hours of research while others must be placed at different links or on different social media platforms to link back to the original item.
      Take these Daily Grind blogs. I keep updating them through the day, whatever comes through I put in, get distracted, write a bit, come back to the blog. Then re-read it the following day before placing, making sure all is as I would like to say before placing on website (major mission taking about half an hour), then share to social media sites (another half an hour, or more, depending on distractions).
      So, am I complaining?
      No. I am enjoying myself. I am making readers aware to be considerate to bloggers. Magic does not happen overnight or with the snap of fingers. It actually takes hard work and organization skills to get the blogs or articles out there.
      Thus when you meet someone and you ask them what they do for a living and they should reply, author or writer, realize it is not fun and games.
      Like any other profession, it takes skill and huge amounts of perseverance, endurance and bravery. The pay-offs are in most regards very small and most authors who have books available must work a second or third income job to make ends meet. (Author Support - buy their books, share their book links, tell people about them.)   

23h54pm Recap for the day. A good editing day with minimal interruptions.

Writing report for 30.04.2017:
Chlophilia Feedback from Alpha Reader Chapter 103 = "Han is becoming very intimate with the readers --- almost as though he NEEDS them all to KNOW exactly who and what he is! But that's you aim, is it not?  The more you reveal the more you get to know your true Self, and the more WE get to know your TRUE SELF! And perhaps get to know our own True-Selves in the bargain ... "
Chapter 104 re-read and sent to AR - Words: 2606
Limier Words edited/read 22,919
Words written:  Blogs 451, New Books 0, Office/Clients 35


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