Saturday, 12 May 2018

Chronicles of Han Storm on Amazon

The Chronicles of Han Storm - Amazon

Due to many enquiries on "Is The Chronicles of Han available from Amazon, Nook, Lulu, etc."

Regrettably, due to personal beliefs and early on issues with this particular platform, and later with other unscrupulous platforms, my books are not available through Amazon or any other publishing house except directly from the Author.
Please purchase directly using PayPal, our bank account, or cash payments.
Feel free to contact me for further information or assistance.

Kind Regards
Han Gibson, Author, The Chronicles of Han

Books currently available to the public (Approximately 1,8million words):
Preserving Creata
Reclaiming Duback
Taming Encha
Saving Leilaka
Behind the Scenes Blog Booklet (1-52)