Saturday, 21 July 2018

New Book - Cover Reveal - Living a Multidimensional Life by H Gibson, author of The Chronicles of Han Book Series

Cover Reveal of Living a Multidimensional Life, NDE and Life Review of H Gibson 

"What happens when you are not allowed to die? When you are neatly informed of your new Destiny before being returned to a charred corpse? 
A walking miracle, H Gibson brings hope and healing to this world, one individual at a time."

Complementing my past life/metaphysical books series, the long awaited book about my Near Death Experiences coming soon. 

"Clear!" the ER doctor warned where I hovered in spirit form above the bed, watching them struggle with the blackened corpse, attempting to attach an IV into the shoulder.
The electric shock of the defibrillator sucked me right back into my body.
Awareness of their struggle around me made me moan in agony of being re-incarcerated into the worthless flesh.
"We have you, do not worry, stay with us," Dr Ching encouraged, watching me, a mask covering his face.
They had managed to secure the IV, Dr Kozaczynski stitching it in place not to be dislodged.
'How fortunate I am to be surrounded by familiar people.'
A random, out of place thought. It was not so bad to go through such a disaster while tended to by people you knew.
Closing my eyes, I let everything go, slipping out of my body, briefly glancing back where the doctors were debating about amputating my fingers; whether or not I had sustained inhalation burns.
Ronald was not there. My lifeline was not at my side as he always was.
"Vitals dropping!" someone stated while the doctors scrambled to attend to the dying body.
*Come, Han,* Sensaii beckoned.
Listening to my lifelong spirit friend, I thought of The Land Beyond. There was nothing I wanted to do for my body. It was time to go home . . . "

Excerpt: Living a Multidimensional Life - Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han Storm. 2009-2018

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Meet my Spirit Guides

"Do you know your Spirit Guides? Do you see and hear them?"

This is a question I get from time to time.

I am not going to place the answer on this public blog. Please refer to the link to my website for a full explanation.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Love Thyself - The Chronicles of Han by H Gibson

Love Thyself

October 23, 2017 - 
An interested party once stated that my past life books must surely be a glorious representation of the self. 

It puzzled me for a while why someone could say something like that. Then I asked readers and my editor about it as I did not wish to glorify any of my lives. 

My intention is to relate my histories as accurately as possible, as they happened while keeping it entertaining and educational narratives.

The startling conclusion I came to was this: 
You are always stuck with yourself, forever or until you relinquish individuality. 
You will always be the most important aspect in your life, even if you dedicate your life to the good of all. 

In the end, after leaving a life, a legacy for the living, it is still only you, with yourself.

Since realizing this, I had become a fond friend of myself, been more forgiving of myself, letting go of anger and disappointment quicker and is generally living a happier life, with my loved ones responding positively upon this newfound self-love.

Han Gibson, Author, The Chronicles of Han Storm
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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Experience the Change

Experience the Change

#BeyondWords #Magic #KnowThyself #Consciousness #Moments #NDE

I am so grateful to be where I currently find myself, to be able to reside temporarily in this beautiful environment, learning something new at every moment.

Life is all about change.

We flow from moment to moment into a new being. We change all the time. This is the beauty of life itself.

Split seconds can change your life forever. As with my NDEs, it does not need to define who you are or wish to be. You can change, and do change with every subsequent experience.

I see how people change when they read my books. I see how they change right in front of my eyes, how people come with pain and timidity, or anger and turmoil, and literally change, to leave calm and serene, filled with courage and hope. Healed, empowered, changed into enhanced beings.

And the most wondrous part is, I learn from every encounter, changing in myself to become an improved being too.  

Life just is. It does not owe you anything or ask anything from you. Life is a privileged opportunity to become the best You, You can Be.

Thus live moment to moment and make the most of each moment allocated to you.



Sunday, 1 July 2018

Consciousness. The New Religion for the 5th Dimension and Ascension of Earth.

Consciousness. The New Religion for the 5th Dimension.

Now that Consciousness, NDEs, Past Lives and Telepathy are the leading-edge topics for the 'new' science of spirituality, The Chronicles of Han book series launched in 2008 can at last shine as a leader on these topics. 

#NDE #PastLife #Telepathy #Consciousness #Existential #AstralProjection #OBE

"Wat die hart van vol is, loop die mond van oor." An indigenous saying meaning "what is truly in the heart, spouts out of the mouth."

How do you split who you truly are from your Destiny? From what your Cosmic Mission is?
I am who I am. The books, oils, crystals, modalities, are who this Fractal portrays in this current lifetime, mere facets of MySelf. The interaction is fused together as sure as this body had been burnt to a crisp, to rise as a Phoenix from the ashes into longevity and God forbid, immortality.

These vibrations heal people on all levels. And all you need to do is read a story, anoint yourself, hold a crystal or otherwise connect vibrationally to an ancient energy, basking directly within its energy field, or even remotely through technology.

All you need to do is read a story

Is it too much to ask, too much to tolerate, too much to know and feel the vibrations within?

I was asked if I was not a bit narcissistic, speaking so much about myself. This led to introspection and the awareness that I had been laying bare my very soul for people to read and learn, heal and attain courage and hope within themselves - NOT to be trampled upon.

I had been laying bare my very soul

Am I re-assessing my life, my books, why I had returned to this realm?
Yes, every single day, every second I am awake within this body, every second I am away from it on astral or spiritual journeys.

For what? For what am I doing this, putting in this hard work? For humans? For mankind? For Earth? This Universe? The Cosmos?
For you to still have a life in the highest vibration you can reach?
For the billions who pray to a deity instead of their gods?

Do I really need to continue doing what I'm doing? No, I can leave by opening a new door.

Thus I kindly suggest you make use of this opportunity to furbish yourself with the vibrations of The Chronicles of Han for there will come a time when it is no longer available. 

Copyright © 2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Selling Farting Rainbows and Unicorn Ghosts

Image result for unicorns farting rainbows
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Selling Farting Rainbows and Unicorn Ghosts

A little bit of a laugh and a rant.

In a life where bull manure seems to sell for the highest price, I am seriously considering adjusting sales tactics to that of humoristic nonsensical narcissist, especially because it seems that people are . . . cautious . . . around me as an individual.

Maybe I should start showing them the real deep dark side of Creation. On the other hand, humour can become pretty dark too.

Will readers appreciate a less serious Han? One who jokes around about complicated issues of life and the afterlife?

Or should I rather just enjoy myself and fart on rainbows and ghost-ride unicorns?

I hope you enjoyed this piece of nonsensical psychedelically time-consuming broth. Maybe we can build at least one policeman from it.


Han Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han
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Monday, 25 June 2018

A LIFE in Progress - The Chronicles of Han - NDE book by H Gibson

(Email received from my Alpha-Reader)

A LIFE in Progress

The Chronicles of Han is indeed, a work in progress - a LIFE in progress!

To be honest with you, Beloved, I recognized your 'difference' from the second we met for the first time at AJM's house (way back in 2009, I think it was?) - you not only looked different, you also felt different!

But of course, at that stage (when we first met in this life-time) I had no idea of who you actually are!
And I'm still awed at what I 'know' about you now!! But having read something about you, I guess I could say that my own awakening is also a 'work-in-progress' ... !

Ai tog re-reading all the different books in draft has, once again, left me speechless - once again!
I had hoped (after reading it yesterday) that by putting it aside, sleeping over it and giving it time to brew, I might have a light-bulb moment - but (like ESKOM) the power is off!
I am in the dark as to what to say ... ?

All I see is this Light which shines ever brighter as time goes by!
You are 'in-progress' all the time - and my sense is that by this time next year you will have 'progressed' even further - there is really nothing more I can say or add here - we, your fans, really have no idea what is going on inside of you - but as we read about you our own lives are in-progress as well.


25 June 2018

Copyright © 2009-2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

Comment from Author: "Some days we need reminders of why we are here. My books would never have seen the light if it was not for a dedicated team of Alpha Readers, Editor and Beta Readers. I'm so grateful to have all these amazing people in my life."