Wednesday, 20 June 2018

H Gibson - Author of The Chronicles of Han - NDEr and 3rd degree Burns Survivor

All about a Meme

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H Gibson - Author of The Chronicles of Han - NDEr and 3rd degree Burns Survivor

#ChroniclesofHan #NDE #Burns This is supposed to be a funny meme, and it would be if it was not that the special effects were so accurate. Readers and clients always want to know how bad my burns were. JUST LIKE THIS - just the whole face and neck, both arms and both legs. 

My body died, I had a confirmed Near Death Experience, visited other worlds, had a Life Review and was sent back to the crisp when the the doctors finally managed to revive it. 

The cheek is how my left hand, wrist and forearm looked. The forehead, nose, neck and chin - that's me. Tip of my nose gone. Tip of ear gone. 

I returned and healed, proving miracles can happen; assisted thousands of other people to heal too and I'm not sure how many readers' lives had been changed due to reading my past life books for books tend to find other homes and to be shared around.

Thus next time you look at someone, be aware that you might never know where they had come from, what they had lived through and what battles they are still fighting each day.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Chronicles of Han visiting Bakabush Books in San Ignacio, Belize

Chronicles of Han visiting Bakabush Books in San Ignacio

The best bookshop currently in Belize. If you are an avid reader, make sure to visit Bakabush (see their facebook page).

I had a visit while in San Ignacio and met the owner while they were unpacking the first books.
Their shop had grown out of bounds and is currently bulging with books of every flavour and genre.

Unfortunately, I only have my travel copy of Saving Leilaka with me, so none of my paperback books are currently available at the shop. And please do not laugh at the get-up of skirt, it is HOT in Belize!

Chronicles of Han books available from

 H Gibson with Karen Allen, owner of Bakabush

Bakabush Books downstairs from Elvira's Guest House. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Does Sex sell Books? Question asked about The Chronicles of Han Book Series

Does Sex sell Books?

A good question. Does sex truly sell books?
How much romance is too much for a wide range of readers?
What is sexually explicit content?
What is adult reading?
What is just plain smut?

The Chronicles of Han contain such scenes, carefully debated for specific reasons which includes life lessons.
Some content might be uncomfortable to elicit questions in readers.
All scenes are judged before a strict panel of readers, including pensioners before going to print.
Yet we advise readership from 18 only.

For more information or free chapters visit

All comments welcome.

#Romance #SpaceOpera #Esoteric #Paranormal #Sex #ChroniclesofHan

(This question had come up again due to censorship of romance books).

H Gibson Author Interviews - May 2018 - Smashwords

Author Interview with H Gibson

My interview on Smashwords are available. Books not yet on there, so watch this space.

Books available via PayPal, direct deposit to bank account on

Excerpts and 300 free pages on website and wattpad.


Han Gibson

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

#SpecialOffer #SponsorMyBook #ChroniclesofHan

#SpecialOffer #Sponsorship #AmEditing #NewBooks #SponsorMyBook

Would you like to contribute and assist in sponsoring an author who is behind on getting her books out (readers have been waiting 2 years for the next book)?

Would you like to join in the mass sale of ebook sets currently on special at US$35 (you get more than a million words of reading excitement) for yourself or gift it to a friend?

The goal is to reach US$24,000 to complete the editing of the next 2 books of which one will be forwarded to you in ebook as soon as it is released.

US$35 to PayPal, or Swift to my Bank Account.
ebooks are emailed to the contributor and they will receive the next release for free as soon as it is available.
5 x current published ebooks (more than 600 pages each)
1 x ebook next edition sent when released. for more details

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Living a Multidimensional Life, The NDE and Life Review of H Gibson, Author of Chronicles of Han Storm


Living a Multidimensional Life, The NDE and Life Review of H Gibson, Author of Chronicles of Han Storm

Would you be interested in reading this book?

 How many times do I need to die in order to learn to live?     
  I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .

*** Foreword ***

    "Clear!" the ER doctor warned where I hovered in spirit form above the bed, watching them struggle with the blackened corpse, attempting to attach an IV into the shoulder.
    The electric shock of the defibrillator sucked me right back into my body.
    Awareness of their struggle around me made me moan in agony of being re-incarcerated into the worthless flesh.
    "We have you, do not worry, stay with us," Dr Ching encouraged, watching me, a mask covering his face.
    They had managed to secure the IV, Dr Kozaczynski stitching it in place not to be dislodged.
    'How fortunate I am to be surrounded by familiar people.'
    A random, out of place thought. It was not so bad to go through such a disaster while tended to by people you knew.
    Closing my eyes, I let everything go, slipping out of my body, briefly glancing back where the doctors were debating about amputating my fingers; whether or not I had sustained inhalation burns.
    Ronald was not there. My lifeline was not at my side as he always was.
    "Vitals dropping!" someone stated while the doctors scrambled to attend to the dying body.
    *Come, Han,* Sensaii beckoned.
    Listening to my lifelong spirit friend, I thought of The Land Beyond. There was nothing I wanted to do for my body. It was time to go home . . .
Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2018

H Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Metaphysical Readings - Know Thyself

Metaphysical Readings - Know Thyself 

Having been begged by clients to 'come out of retirement' I am now again available for readings, healings and other sessions, including Life Path Charts. Please feel free to visit my website shopping page for a standard outlay of what I 'do' extra.

Please note that Introduction interviews and discussions on what you might need are not charged for. You can contact me for further enquiries or questions upon what I have to offer.