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Meeting the In-laws

Meeting the In-Laws

Excerpt from Reclaiming Duback, Chronicles of Han book series - 

        Capital City of Creata.
        City of bad memories and worse experiences for me.
        Jade could not wait to disembark, pulling me along down the stairs of the aircraft.
        Our non-commercial aircraft had to park on the furthest side from the runway and we were driven in a small cart to the airport buildings.
        Panam was to await Julie's flight while Jade was to show me around the city.
        What felt like a lifetime ago, my wish to see the city finally came true.
        All the trees were in full summer bloom, alternating streets with shocking showers of lilac purple and sunflower yellow.
        People were milling everywhere and vehicles were driven in rows through the fallen flowers that carpeted the streets.
        I had been feeling better after the sleep, but now a headache started up with the close proximity of all these people.
        Jade asked our hired vehicle's driver to hurry up. We wished to reach our destination in the shortest possible time.
         At last we entered a more secluded residential neighbourhood and Jade's concern for me turned into excited expectation at the prospect of seeing her family.
        "They do not know I am coming. I hope they are home" she babbled excitedly.
        Our driver stopped in front of a normal, comfortable looking, one storey family residence. The trees in this street were mature and having already shed most of their flowers, neon green leaves adorned their branches.
        "Come on!" Jade encouraged me, almost jogging to the front door, banging loudly on it.
        A bear of a Kwailuan opened the door, engulfing Jade in a hug. Kissing her fondly on the head, the conversation switched to telepathic and I could not follow it.
        Jade turned to me after the man allowed her to disengage from his arms.
        "This is Han, dad" she told him. "Han, my father, Leykwõta."
        Nodding, the huge man acknowledged our acquaintance.
        "Good day, sir" I replied, bowing respectfully.
        "You should find your mother in the rooms" he told Jade, keeping the door open for his daughter to slip past his huge frame.
        "I guess you can come in as well" he told me, moving into the house to allow me to pass.
        This was my first time that I actually had to face a social introduction involving a girl and I felt small and overwhelmed by the hostility this man portrayed towards me.
        He showed me to the common room where comfortable furniture was arranged facing a broadcasting set. A mantle ran above a fireplace situated against one wall of the room. Photos were arranged above it and as I was not invited to sit down, I made my way across to inspect the photographs.
        Two dark-haired girls could be seen with their parents in most of the photographs. Jade was one of them.
        *That would be Skye, my eldest* Mr Leykwõta answered my unspoken question telepathically.
        "You have beautiful daughters" I replied in Kwailuan.
        *And you think yourself a god* he thought back at me.
        I was not sure if I was supposed to have heard that remark, but I suddenly knew why this man was treating me with such aloofness.
        He was not sure what to do with me either, especially being born from a Clan that now acknowledges me as such.
        "Here he is!" Mrs Leykwõta announced from the entrance of the common room, gliding up to me, taking hold of my face in both her hands, kissing me on the forehead.
        "Welcome, Han" she told me. "Jade talks so much about you. When she contacts me" she informed Jade over her shoulder.
        "Please, sit" she insisted, seating herself on the couch, inviting me to sit beside her.
        Not delaying, I sat down next to her, knowing that I was raising Mr Leykwõta's blood pressure.
        Mrs Leykwõta had Sparr's same metallic sheen to her more yellowish skin. It was the same sheen Jade's skin sometimes showed in direct sunlight. She was a beautiful, delicately shaped woman with sculpted features and only slightly slanted, almond eyes. 
        Jade made herself comfortable besides me, sandwiching me between herself and her mother.
        This made Mr Leykwõta even more enraged.
        "What gives you the right to claim my daughter as your partner - and that on Global Broadcasting!" he suddenly blurted in his frustration.
        I stared at him in shock. Jade giggled nervously, but Mrs Leykwõta did not take any nonsense from her husband.
        "They fit wonderfully together" she told him. "I would have given my approval of their union even if I did not know who Han Storm really is."
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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Writing about writing - The Emotional Impact of writing about Past Lives - Life Purpose

The Emotional Impact of writing about Past Lives
Excerpt from Journeys of a Psychic, The Chronicles of Han

Life Purpose

23 April 2010
        Had some trouble relating again today. It is difficult having to work in more than one environment and having to keep my attention here on this physical for work tomorrow.
        It is a huge responsibility and my husband keeps on asking if I am ok, and what is wrong.         
I know I have other things to do and time here clashes with what I need to do and where I need to go, and the worst is that I need to give my full attention to the other side and I cannot, resulting in this half-state of being. Neither here, nor there and tomorrow I need to be all here on Earth.

        I think what bowls me out is that I suddenly have to remember more than I care to do. Delving into the darker things and unhappier experiences of MySelf, is never the most wonderful thing to do.   Dealing with all this old and ancient stuff makes me feel different.
        Different is the word for I cannot describe what exactly I feel and what exactly is going on with me. It is not within the range of emotional terms within the English language. I do not know if there is a word near what I feel that might be able to describe how I feel.
        Lost also does not do it for I know exactly where I am and where I have come from. Maybe the word loss is more adequate. Loss for I am going through a grieving process for lost entities that I have not had contact with in . . . lets just say, a very long time.
        Now the book is dragging up issues and entities of times I had been through before. All for the sake of a book? That I do not think. 
This book is not just a book. As with everything else I do in life, I do everything with a specific purpose. Nothing is random, even if this body-consciousness did not get the message the first time around.
        Where am I, as an entity, going to within this life? The road ahead is set and should be clear, but things are still unfolding.
H Gibson - What is my ultimate task within this life?
Thomas - To remind everyone that you touch within this life who they truly are. To be the Activation Catalyst as you know you are.

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Broken Promises - The Chronicles of Han Book Series Announcement

Broken Promises

Sometimes in life one has to face what is called the physical reality, turn and walk away like a Living Death, an end of a saga, quit and not look back.

From a loyal fan in 2014: "I find it totally impossible for an ordinary housewife with an ordinary husband and two ordinary little girls to have the time to sit down, plot these books with all the different characters, names,  scenarios, events, technical descriptions, names for the most weird creatures/things,  find venues for all of this to happen in worlds nearly similar to ours, in different dimensions, different universes, this life , inbetween lives, afterlife.......... and then she brings it all together in ordinary understandable English, including mundane little everyday happenings and while reading on you sometimes wonder why it was included and all this is given to us in bookform .......... books that keep you reading on and on because you want to see what comes next and then experience disappointment when you finish the book.........not because of what you’ve read, simply  the knowledge that the next one is not lying there, waiting to be read .  But, read on, I was given the promise that there are definitely more to come ....the next in the near future."

"Jaya Jagadish Hare, Jaya Jagadish Hare, Jaya Jagadish Hare," he repeated, softer and softer, while I felt the intense pain in his chest.
*What does it mean?* I wanted to know from him.
*Hail to the Lord of the Universe.*
It is done. It is complete. Hanuman Blessings upon this World and all those who believe in Him.
September 11, 1973

Han Gibson aka Han Storm, Krish Dameous, Macian Jamal, HHL Hanuman et al.

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#Review - The Chronicles of Han - The Real Thing

Review - The Chronicles of Han - The Real Thing

"Hi Han
I am in the middle of re-reading book 1.  Now that I know the basic facts, it is fascinating to watch out for the finer details and descriptions as they unfold.  I can never understand how anybody can regard these books as made up fantasy, when one considers the incredibly detailed accounts of every move Han makes, as well as his own emotions.  I always had this rather vague notion that everything on the other side happens as if by magic, and never considered that the entities on the other side also have to work hard at making events unfold in the "right " way on this side.So. because I take the contents of these books  for "real" and have a serious interest in the spiritual world and personal and spiritual development, I am constantly "enlightened" by the teachings and insights that are revealed.  The fact that I know the author and one of the other main characters who have since passed over, makes the whole experience even more amazing. This explains why I have lost interest in reading other "made up" stories because I have found the "real " thing.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

How to make money - Why artists, writers and healers struggle to get ahead in life

How to make money - Why artists, writers and healers struggle to get ahead in life

As an artist, writer and healer, I had been asked this question many times.

The key to any business, big or small, is "Repeat Business" and not "Single Sales" in a consumerism world.

Artists, writers and healers offer once off products that may or may not turn into a follow-up purchase. This leaves them with no option but to continually find new clients, especially if their clients do not speak about their artwork, books or skills. And even if their loyal fans proclaim and sing their praises, most people will not believe it anyway, or have this ingrained idea that they can not spend the undervalued amounts asked for said artwork, craftsmanship, book, or session in whichever form.

People in general will rather spend on luxury items or filling their bellies with something nice.
(Food and Consumables industry = Repeat business)

Modern Medicine knows this and has made it an art form to generate clients instead of cures. The same goes for all Medical accepted practices where clients (NOT patients) have continued repeat sessions to 'get' to the 'bottom' of their issues.
(Modern Medicine = Repeat Business)

The same model works for all 'system' based modalities where repeat attendance is required in order to 'gain' something from sessions.
(System Based Modalities = Repeat Business)

If one should sit down and analyze each business sector one can choose carefully whether you wish to serve, or self-gain.

Of course the ideal is to balance, but when there is no balance gained then one must choose which is best for survival.

Selling lots of artwork and/or books is of course the ideal, yet there are only so many hours in a day to labour in creating and writing (never mind marketing), leaving a huge discrepancy in workload to final product income ratio. In most cases the only industry gaining from these labours are the third party sellers, agents and middle man (to cut down on self-marketing in order to concentrate on creating).

With permanent healing, whether through sessions or substance, that is it. You have one unbalanced client who walks away not needing your sessions or substances ever again. Thus permanent healing does not generate repeat business, ever.
Investors and individuals do not buy into miracles. They will buy into repeat business (continued classes or visits to therapists), feel-good sessions (pampering or praise) and what they perceive as luxuries.

Paying for the substance or services of a healer is still a continued argument of "Your GIFT should be used for the benefit of Mankind" without compensation, or limited compensation in the form of donations, because it is a God Given Gift you had received and Heaven Forbid if you dare make it your income Profession. (This is besides all the other arguments against this, which we will not discuss in this opinion piece.)
Same goes with artists and writers. You were given a gift to GIVE to the world. And who will sponsor these artists, writers and healers?
You, or the public, as it seems to be considered a 'public' service to 'mankind'?

Next time you argue with an artist, writer or healer about price, think about the hours that went into creating the artwork, what SERVICE they are rendering, and what permanent benefit you will derive from their product. Artwork is forever and will continue to keep or grow its investment value. Books are repeat entertainment which might just become the next block buster movie. And what price do you place on true healing?

Disclaimer: This is a generalized opinion piece to inform artists, writers, and those in the original healing fields to maybe re-consider their career choices, or to make peace with the fact that they will have to keep their day jobs while practicing their God given gifts as hobbies only. Hopefully the general public will see a small glimpse into the daily toil and struggles of those so easily dismissed as 'non-essential' in society.

Ps. Put Actors on this list as well