Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saving Leilaka Exclusive Intro Preview

Saving Leilaka Exclusive Intro Preview

 Excerpt from Saving Leilaka, proposed release date December 2015:

  Superheated air blasted through the chamber, disintegrating Kaleb's crib, stripping skin and flesh from my bones before the ashes were swept along on its devastating destructive path.
   I must have screamed, for the baby wailed from his crib, Merrykara bending over him to soothe him into silence.
   A dragon, mad with battle rage, could be heard up upon the mountainside.
   Habieb stormed into my private chamber without announcing himself.
   Merrykara had our son in her arms. I could not face them, giving my attention to an anxious Habieb.
   "He dreamt again" Merrykara answered the unspoken question. "He will not tell you either" she sneered, turning away from us, settling upon the rocking chair that faced the window.
   "You must calm your Huracan!" Habieb distracted me. "She will come in here and destroy your home if you do not respond to her."
   He was right. We knew how destructive Dragons can become.
   It was extremely hard for me to calm myself enough to open the conscious telepathic connection to Moira.
   In the end, she succeeded to burst through the unseen shield that had been blocking our link.
   **Are you alright?! I cannot find any physical danger to you. Show me the threat and I will destroy it for you!** she raved.
   **We both need to calm down, Moira** I soothed. **It is not a danger you or anyone else can do anything about. I need to follow this vision, see where it comes from. We are not going to have any rest until it comes to pass, and then it will be very much too late.**
   "Will she stay?" Habieb wanted to know.
   "Yes. She will stay" I replied . . .


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