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Chronicles of Han Storm: Excerpt from Leilaka: Strongclaw

Artist Credit: unknown


Excerpt from Leilaka:

Halfway through breakfast a Raven made his appearance on the windowsill.
"Give me some" he ordered me, following the demand with an indignant squawk.
"Excuse me?" I asked the bird.
He hopped onto the bed, cocked his head so he had one beady black eye on me and demanded again "Give me some!"
I gave him a piece of the bread.
He pecked it out of my fingers without harming me, swallowing the piece whole.
"More" he insisted.
I put the plate down in front of him.
He ate every last crumb before hopping onto my lap.
Here he settled, comfortably starting to preen his feathers.
"I'm Han" I introduced myself.
"I'm Strongclaw" he replied.
"How can you understand me?" I wanted to know from the bird.
"How can you understand me?" he wanted to know back.
I had no way of knowing.
Strongclaw hopped back onto the windowsill.
"Thank you" he squawked before flying off.

Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2017


Thursday, 20 December 2018

Chronicles of Han Storm: Describe your main 'character' in a single sentence

Describe your main 'character' in a single sentence.
This from the Editor of #ChroniclesofHan
I'm not sure if I should feel flattered or if it was meant as satyr.
Any comments from those who know Han Storm?

Bhakta Anjana's profile photo

Hm, the Editor's description of Han Storm is indeed correct! But describing Han in one short line would distort his magnificent multi-faceted Being! Han has his mind set on one goal, and one goal only! Completing his mission of serving in saving the Universe! He was born for nothing other than this (in that lifetime!) Along the way, he is a teacher, a healer and a leader. And which description suits Han Storm best? Just when we believe we have him sorted-out, taped and understood, off he goes and shows us another facet! He will forever surprise us . . . "

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Chronicles of Han Storm Fans

I finally pinned two of my readers down for a photo! Wolf Peyerl and Bhakta-Anjana. 6 October 2017
Interesting that a lot of my readers are pensioners (60-80>)

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The Chronicles of Han: Does Sex sell books?

The Chronicles of Han: Does Sex sell books?

A good question. Does sex truly sell books? How much romance is too much for a wide range of readers? What is sexually explicit content? What is adult reading? What is just plain smut?
The Chronicles of Han contain such scenes, carefully debated for specific reasons which includes life lessons. Some content might be uncomfortable to elicit questions in readers. All scenes are judged before a strict panel of readers, including pensioners before going to print. Yet we advise readership from 18 only. For more information or free chapters visit
All comments welcome.
#Romance #SpaceOpera #Esoteric #Paranormal #Sex #ChroniclesofHan

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Chronicles of Han FEEDBACK: An addiction

#Feedback #ChroniclesofHan Metaphysical Science Fiction Book Series

"This hooked me and now I'm addicted. The life of Han Storm is so interesting and I'll bet it will be a learning curve for anyone that read this Chronicles of Han Storm. It is an easy read and follow story. Han Gibson is an excellent writer and it is a privilege to share in her experiences." - Sonette Bosch

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Moira: Excerpt from Reclaiming Duback

Excerpt Reclaiming Duback:
"Moira was sitting comfortably on Mara's woolly carpet, a book in her lap. Her flaming red hair was hanging across a delicately shaped shoulder. She was going to be gorgeous when she was fully grown.
Absently, she stroked a strand of hair away from her face, her thin wrist reminding me that she had placed her own body in jeopardy in order to grow it so fast.
She had promised me that she would slow the growth rate down from now on, that she was satisfied that the body of a six-year-old was grown enough to enable her to have the skills required to continue her function on Creata.
Not that she had not been working extremely hard since being born. She had kept my body alive through many adventures and gratitude made tears well up in my eyes.
She looked up at me. Her eyes becoming soft and full of sympathy.
I love both of you she told me. "

Copyright © 2009-2016 H Gibson Chronicles of Han Storm

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Upon Handlers and the after effects of prolonged Astral Travel

Why some psychics need Handlers or sympathetic assistants.
After effects of prolonged Astral Travel.

Excerpt from Negotiating Limïer
"You should know that a Handler is someone who not only assists me, watches out for me, but guides me when I become preoccupied with metaphysical and paranormal functions.
It is easy to loose your way and it is better for me to have someone I can trust on hand to return to. You guys act as an anchor in an oscillating world where reality, as you know it, does not really exist for me.
I work between time, between past and present and future. I work in possibilities of futures. I experience futures whenever I have future visions and when I return from these visions my current may have changed . . . "
He sat behind me, mulling the words over in his mind.
"Then I am here to guide you back to sanity?" he wished to know, so innocently and sincere I could slap him.
Instead, I burst out into tears, an after-effect of working too many long hours without adequate rest.
"I'm so sorry, Major!" he exclaimed, coming over to squat down next to me, offering a handkerchief which I gladly accepted to cover my eyes and cry into.
"Astral Moods," I told him between sobs.
"Ennui, world-weariness and sudden mood changes," I dried the tears. "Occupational hazard. When you were out of your body for any length of time and have to return to this . . . flesh encapsulation . . . one tends to experience different reactions.
Sometimes euphoria and happiness, sometimes depression. The Astral Walker Assistants or AWAs call it Astral Moods.
It basically means what you just stated. Our assistants guide us back from the brink of insanity."
"But Slick did not experience this? He was fine when I left him."
"How long did he sleep?"
"About eight hours."
"I had none so far. Been going since getting into the Pod. My brain has not yet rested. I have not yet slept. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?"
He stood up, walked away from me while processing the information, returned to sit down on his chair.
"Then what are you doing now?" he waved a hand at me. "What are you busy with now, why are we sitting here in the sun?"
"I am trying to wind down so that I could get some rest and maybe, if I am lucky, some sleep soon."
"Then you are still hyped?"
"I'm always hyped."
"Okay. Do your meditation thing and become un-hyped. I will be here when you return, but I am seriously thinking this assignment is a bit beyond my qualifications."
Nōrwal made me smile and I felt happy while smiling. It was an odd emotion that needed more scrutiny.
Copyright © 2009-2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

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Journeys of a Psychic, Blog by H Gibson, Author of The Chronicles of Han Storm

Journeys of a Psychic

Journeys of a Psychic, Blog by H Gibson, Author of The Chronicles of Han Storm

It is an unfortunate fact that the search engine bots are set up not to show new blogs in case searchers land on 'empty' or 'unengaged' content pages. Thus this blog that is supposed to complement the Chronicles of Han Books is still not visible in searches.

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Universal Readings - Excerpt from Sovereign Dōhr

Universal Readings

An example as to how Han does readings for clients. It has not changed much. Excerpt from Sovereign Dōhr "I have heard so much about you," the General told me. "I do not know if half the things they say you did, or can do, is true. This I know. You change peoples' lives wherever you go. Whenever you touch someone, they change. I want to change too. I want to see where I am going, why I am here, what I should be doing. I need to know if I am going to be okay in the choices I am making, the decisions I am instigating. Can you . . . ? Would you be able to foresee for me?" I relaxed back into my seat, contemplating what this person in front of me was asking of me. 'I am not going to beg,' the General thought at me. "Will you be able to live with whatever I see, if I foresee for you?" I asked, leaning forward, focussing all my attention on the man in front of me. "I will not keep anything you tell me today, against you," he assured me. "That is not what I asked you," I warned him. "Will I be able to live with whatever you disclose?" he inquired and I nodded. "That is what I am here for," he confirmed. Continue reading

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Acceptance of an incarnation - Sovereign Dōhr

Acceptance of an incarnation

Sometimes one has to come to the acceptance of your life, path and function to be able to move forward.

Excerpt from Sovereign Dōhr
"  I placed a chair in the sliver of sunshine creeping through the window, allowing the muted heat to disintegrate my bad mood and feelings of not being in control of my own body.
    Frankly, the thought of being so dependent on other people freaked me out. The great Han Storm must constantly be surrounded by doctors and nurse-maids to prop him up so he could do his grand job in order for millions of people to still experience a life opportunity.
    How sad.
    How truly, truly sad."
Copyright © 2009-2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han
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Subject - Astral Travel - Sovereign Dōhr

Excerpt from Sovereign Dōhr
Subject - Astral Travel
Duek condensed himself around me, making me shiver in his cold.
    "*Relax as best you can, leave your body in the hands of the healers, for they are the only ones that can assist you.*"
    Annoyed that he was suddenly back with me, I refused to acknowledge his presence, but heeded his advice in any case, turning on my back, calming my body down to where I felt the slight tremor as separation of spirit from body occurred.
    Then I drifted above myself, looking down upon the pale and drawn face of the body lying on the narrow bed, the heart-rate monitor indicating a sudden drop in mobility, blood pressure dropping so low that the body would be seen as going into a coma.
    Even brain function would show a decrease of activity with only vital functions still activated. For all purposes, it was an empty husk, set on automatic, to sustain survival of the flesh until the owner, which was truly the Soul-Spirit, should return to it.
    Aquil was aware of my departure where he sat on the edge of his seat, calling Panam on his comm.
    They would not be too concerned about my departure. They knew that when one left in the Astral, this was the typical symptoms a body displayed.
    Still, it was a stressful situation for those monitoring a body, for they did not know when, and if, a spirit would return to reclaim the body.
    With me, as long as the body was breathing, even shallowly, they knew I was still attached to it and would return.
Copyright © 2009-2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han
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Creata Adventure - Part 11 Sovereign Dōhr - finally AVAILABLE

Update: PUBLISHED 11.11.18
ePDF, EPUB, KINDLE available

The proposed 4th book has been split into its two individual parts. 
Part 11 - Sovereign Dōhr
and Part 12 Negotiating Limier.
This is to make it easier for editing, publishing (and eventually printing) purposes, as well as not to be as intimidating a read as 700 pages.

Sovereign Dohr is now available
11.11.2018 (11.11.11. for Part 11)

Early bird ebook price is US$11 and can be purchased at this PayPal link. The book will be emailed.

PayPal Early Bird purchase has been extended until 16/11 :

Early Bird Order Sovereign Dohr eBook
email address

More information on 

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Know Thyself Life Path Readings - November 2018

Bookings for November now open

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and step into your Destiny? (Individuals who had Near Death Experiences welcome as this alters the original path)
8-10 page detailed Life analysis using astrology, numerology, Akashic and Cosmic records

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Opinion Piece - Rant - Https versus Http

Graphic credit:

Who is bullshitting who? 

As with everything else in life, one may grow cynical due to all the money-making scams big business pulls to outwit, outplay and absolutely annihilate the little fishes.

If big guys with their fancy https like Google and Facebook can still be vulnerable, why do they try and convert and force it onto the little guys, why must we purchase 'extra security' to what extent, easier access, better download speed, a space on a search engine?

I will educate my clients. I will send them direct to my website even if they type it in. The mighty WWW is biased and not a level playing field. I paid for SSL etc to zero effect to get the little 'green' lock behind my website. What did I pay for all these years? Nothing. I wasted money for it meant absolutely nothing.
Now, to be forced to change again and not just stay in the archives is going to cost you even more.

Websites not listed as https in future will see warnings as not being secure, delistings on google and forced to submit to change.

Chronicles of Han already shows Kaspersky and Google warnings from certain links which is total BS! Once you for them to 'carry on', it lands on a secure link as I have extensive security on my website and use secure 3rd party connections.

The ONLY difference between https and http is that the internet needed new addresses. New (https) addresses has 2 extra spaces and is just as subject to hackers as everyone else.

Using secure 3rd parties for purchases like PayPal etc is the best options for online purchase.

Also note that http might be throttled to load slower than https and will not be given any preference in search engines. To the contrary, you will become invisible if someone does not know exactly where to find you.

From now on you are just one more number in the queue.

Ps, you can 'purchase' https security as you could all sorts of other previous google security updates - at a price of course. Seems like Bill Gates and Common Core all over again.

"The Future (as per link)
Be it as it may, the Internet now has more than 4 billion users, content consumers, shoppers and the like. The combination of user demand (site visitors are more conscious of data security than ever before), regulations (e.g. PCI DSS), and encouragement from browsers (e.g. plans to flag HTTP sites as non-secure), makes it clear that the full transition from HTTP to HTTPS will soon be due."

This is an opinion piece as I'm not a computer whizz or fundi in any way. I am just one of the little guys trying to find my bit of swimming space out in the ocean. And this issue just feels wrong.

Leilaka on Wattpad

Leilaka chapters can be read on Wattpad.

"Leilaka! Birth place of physical experiences. Seeding Planet for Creation. Some will say a work of fantasy. I beg to differ. I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . ."-Han Storm

Leilaka is a brand new adventure following on 400 years after the lifetime of Han Storm from the Creata Adventures. After saving the people of his planet by opening interstellar travel for them, our intrepid hero, Han Storm, is imprisoned in criostasis as he is deemed a threat to the power of the Creata Migration Committee. Han eventually wakes up, finding himself without a memory of who he truly is, where he is, or what he should be doing in a strange new world filled with dragon riders, troll-like creatures, elves and other strange beings.

Available in pdf, epdf, epub, kindle, paperback direct from website

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"I hope I do not write TOO many books!"

A meme from LinkedIn by Author Dale Thele

I stopped scrolling, the words jumping out at me, grabbing at my core to carefully read and scrutinize this declaration from spiritual author C JoyBell C.

"I certainly want to write because I live, because my writing is an overflow of my life," Joybell states.

That is wonderful and so nice to hear. People writing because their lives are overflowing with joy and life.

Writers write for many reasons, from escapism from daily toil, therapeutic, to being compelled to write, or making a difference in the world with their writing. Each writer's path is different. Each writer has a different background.

Most published authors know and understand that fame is but for the few and that most books never make it past the 3000 copies sold in a lifetime of the book or author. With a shrinking reader audience, actual books sold are becoming a rarer phenomenon.

If you write and publish because your life is overflowing, be infinitely grateful that you have the freedom and abundant resources to be able to give some time to write in between living a life.

Most other people juggle life just to stay afloat and not drown. For some of them, writing is their daily bread and they chose writing as a career and not a time-consuming hobby.

As for myself, I guess I died to write.
I survived third degree burns and two NDEs. I spent years in rehab and it feels that I live to write my books.

My hope was to have the time, the energy, the tenacity and the continued courage, combined with grace to complete my proposed books in this lifetime.

Maybe it is time to rethink this feeling, approach it from a different angle.
Maybe it is time to live more and not spend my time in giving so much to the world.
Maybe I should stop washing the knowledge of millennia down the drain to flow onto barren soil to be trampled into mud.
Maybe I should just stop writing as it takes so much time and writing is globally not seen as an independent financial sustainable endeavor in any case.

Life is different now. You write an educational book and build a living around it through seminars and everything else you can think of, giving or selling the book as an after-thought.
It is no longer advisable to write a book and expecting to make a living from it, allowing the book to be the tool, the purpose for which you had written it.

If I should give seminars and teachings about the content in my books, would people be interested and compensate me for my time to learn what they can from an entertaining book at the cost of less than a Starbucks coffee?

Have I then wasted years of my life since being returned from death's door because of concentrating on writing The Chronicles of Han, the books about my past lives and all the knowledge of Creation revealed in narrative form?
Many a day I do feel that my family has sacrificed so much for me to write these books that I feel guilty about spending so many hours on the books, yet they assure me that I have not wasted this time.

I have left a legacy for my children and assisted thousands of individuals due to being here, telling my story, writing and publishing the books.

Thus this is a stalemate.

The books are entertaining education. In that order. Something people want, but most do not want to put in the effort to read it either.

It would be nice to write because your cup floweth over with life and not because you wish to make an honest living from your art or craftsmanship, or because you are following your destiny.

More about my books here

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Hanuman-te Meditation Bismuth and Agates and other Crystals for Sale


All these beautiful crystals for sale. Visit Exquisite Facets for prices and links. More info under Bismuth Crystals on (these agates and jasper not yet listed on website at time of blog)




Rant: Reflections on Blogs Google and Search Engine Bots

Reflections on Blogs Google and Search Engine Bots

Jays, I'm ranting a lot lately.

Sooooo, just learnt that Google is not interested in showing 'new' blogs due to 'established ones with great and useful content' getting preference to those who are rather empty and bland.

Even though I would like to split the information as this blog has become a heavy item to negotiate, my visibility will be reduced to zero on the new blogs and this is the last thing I wish to have, a lack of being seen in searches.

So what to do?
Double up on content or just refer clients to the correct blog posts?

Content sharing is not advised either, so a reference might be in order to steer readers of different interests to the correct blog posts. I hope.

Closing of Google+
With Google + closing down, this is just compounding the situation as many of my posts are on G+, as well as my photos and items for sale. This will all fall into oblivion as soon as G+ is closed.
This is the very reason I have created new blogs to preserve this information without having to send clients to my extensive website as well.

Be Seen to be Found
This does feel like triple work when one wish to be seen without using the 'normal' (paid) channels.
I am well aware that the bots only crawl my website once in a while thus need these extensions of myself to connect with the world. A single website is not cutting it any longer, yet one needs a stable platform to return to that contains all the information in case of the 'Big Players' (Like Google+) suddenly deciding that the only way to win, is not to play.

More information, excerpts, shopping etc visit

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Blog: Journeys of a Psychic

New Journeys of a Psychic Blog

In 2012, the original name for the series, Han Storm, Journeys of a Psychic, The Chronicles of Han, had been renamed to only The Chronicles of Han for marketing purposes. (More upon that adventure here) 

After ten years of experimentation, the conclusion is that no matter what I do, my work is still going to be seen as research into psychic phenomenon and can not be hidden indefinitely in the science fiction and fantasy section.

Most of my readers do appreciate the fact that the new book covers are a disguise and can be left proudly on their bookshelves or read in public without anyone asking difficult questions.

To those who are not initiates, The Chronicles of Han is just that, enjoyable adventurous stories.
To those who get to know me through the books, these are the Journeys of a Psychic, my personal real life, past life events, captured in a format to be enjoyed by others while they learn secrets of life and life beyond death without consciously having to study it.

As to the content of the Blog, I'm capturing my Google+ posts onto my two Blogs to preserve them as many have not been placed on my website. The reddish background is also a reminder of G+. I have not yet made a decision to move somewhere else and might just stay with blogs for a while.

Blog - Journeys of a Psychic 

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Adventures in taking down 'stuff' from the WWW - Caution: Adult content and strong language - not intended for snowflakes

Adventures in taking down 'stuff' from the WWW

Caution: Adult content and strong language NOT suitable for higher vibrations and snowflakes

Yes, indeed. It feels like I'm in World War 10.666.

Never could I have envisioned, imagined, manifested, you name it, whatever catches your fancy, that 'taking down' a few images and 'cleaning up' the website would amount to such a ridiculous, well, shall we call it an . . . ADVENTURE.

People seek adventure, where some shy away from it. Believe me, I truly do not need this type of adventure in my life.

As a tiny company, not even a blimp on a map, we surely drew huge attention from numerous avenues . . . unfortunately not from the people who we wished to reach, our intended 'target market'.

What a total surprise to find that what you see and agreed to on the World Wide Web can be taken, distorted, misrepresented, stolen, and downright pornographed at free will from anyone who has a bit of tech savvy.

Yes. This is one of those odd ball blogs. Those Unicorn blogs where I rant about the unfairness uniqueness of life and how innocent naive, well-meaning people are screwed - on the WWW by whomever can make a buck out of the prostitution.

I have been battling with numerous 3rd parties to remove illicit content from their servers, remove outdated and previously deleted images, to take down private information. It is a struggle when you realize the WWW is as Wild as the West has once been and Google and the other Big Guns only have control over the Law Abiding Citizens. The rest is a free for all.

Plagiarism, abuse and misuse of content are at the order of the day. You see, the rules only apply to the legal players, those who adhere to the agreed upon conduct and just wish to get by honestly in life.

For all those neurotic people out there, the golden rule of Surfing the Net is to regularly search for yourself, your content and your information and see what comes up.

Unfortunately, not all content will be seen from a specific country, so if you do have a trusted friend in another country, ask them to have a regular search party as well.

Better safe than being pimped.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Google Plus shut down - Opinion Piece - The Chronicles of Han Book Series

"Change is the only Constant"

When public blog forums disband and social media sites close down, the disruption of the communities in these places are as devastating as natural disasters or other human displacement situations.

The knock-on effect is not just the mental loss or digital shortage, because to some individuals these platforms are their lifelines or daily bread.

Yes, it is great when you are advised to find another forum, preventing the devastation of just summarily having your work wiped in one instant. I've lived through the blog.24 shut down and had to re-do all the blogs for the readers who were interested on another platform. When this new blog was hacked and destroyed, I placed the blogs on my website and published it in booklet form.

The end result of these constant migrations and 'e-volvement' is that the people who make a living through using these public platforms constantly have to re-invent themselves.
Life change.
Companies close all the time while sections of the internet stop working.
That is life. Get over it!

Or so I'm being told.
For most individuals this is a great opportunity to start fresh somewhere else.
Others just look at the whole internet and social media 'thing' and decide "what is the point?" shutting down and finding other interests, like reading proper paper books, never mind if they are dogeared and yellowed with age from the second hand bookstore. At least you own the book and do not rent it into perpetuity. This might start a new era in the printed word.

Half of my readers are pensioners. Most are devastated by this news as they had spent a significant portion of their time enjoying interactions in Google Plus as the opposition in blue just do not satisfy their needs.
Most are not interested in migrating or learning new programs. Any change Google had made to Google Plus had been a crisis in any case and I'm finding a disconcerting scenario of "I'm too old for this . . ."

So what is left when the forums and social media fail?

The original chat groups? Privately owned Blogs and email lists? Half-hearted efforts of starting new social media concepts that may or may not collapse within a year?

Will this not set us back to the start of internet? Or might this mean a total revamp of how authors and readers interact again? It is not as if the other platforms are geared up to be able to do what G+ could.

I guess, as with everything else in life, only time will tell what happens.

Find my books on my website. I am NOT on Amazon. Instant gratification is not guaranteed as I work the old fashioned way. Pay via PayPal, get receipt, email books.
Most of my books are available in Kindle format.


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Meeting the In-laws

Meeting the In-Laws

Excerpt from Reclaiming Duback, Chronicles of Han book series - 

        Capital City of Creata.
        City of bad memories and worse experiences for me.
        Jade could not wait to disembark, pulling me along down the stairs of the aircraft.
        Our non-commercial aircraft had to park on the furthest side from the runway and we were driven in a small cart to the airport buildings.
        Panam was to await Julie's flight while Jade was to show me around the city.
        What felt like a lifetime ago, my wish to see the city finally came true.
        All the trees were in full summer bloom, alternating streets with shocking showers of lilac purple and sunflower yellow.
        People were milling everywhere and vehicles were driven in rows through the fallen flowers that carpeted the streets.
        I had been feeling better after the sleep, but now a headache started up with the close proximity of all these people.
        Jade asked our hired vehicle's driver to hurry up. We wished to reach our destination in the shortest possible time.
         At last we entered a more secluded residential neighbourhood and Jade's concern for me turned into excited expectation at the prospect of seeing her family.
        "They do not know I am coming. I hope they are home" she babbled excitedly.
        Our driver stopped in front of a normal, comfortable looking, one storey family residence. The trees in this street were mature and having already shed most of their flowers, neon green leaves adorned their branches.
        "Come on!" Jade encouraged me, almost jogging to the front door, banging loudly on it.
        A bear of a Kwailuan opened the door, engulfing Jade in a hug. Kissing her fondly on the head, the conversation switched to telepathic and I could not follow it.
        Jade turned to me after the man allowed her to disengage from his arms.
        "This is Han, dad" she told him. "Han, my father, Leykwõta."
        Nodding, the huge man acknowledged our acquaintance.
        "Good day, sir" I replied, bowing respectfully.
        "You should find your mother in the rooms" he told Jade, keeping the door open for his daughter to slip past his huge frame.
        "I guess you can come in as well" he told me, moving into the house to allow me to pass.
        This was my first time that I actually had to face a social introduction involving a girl and I felt small and overwhelmed by the hostility this man portrayed towards me.
        He showed me to the common room where comfortable furniture was arranged facing a broadcasting set. A mantle ran above a fireplace situated against one wall of the room. Photos were arranged above it and as I was not invited to sit down, I made my way across to inspect the photographs.
        Two dark-haired girls could be seen with their parents in most of the photographs. Jade was one of them.
        *That would be Skye, my eldest* Mr Leykwõta answered my unspoken question telepathically.
        "You have beautiful daughters" I replied in Kwailuan.
        *And you think yourself a god* he thought back at me.
        I was not sure if I was supposed to have heard that remark, but I suddenly knew why this man was treating me with such aloofness.
        He was not sure what to do with me either, especially being born from a Clan that now acknowledges me as such.
        "Here he is!" Mrs Leykwõta announced from the entrance of the common room, gliding up to me, taking hold of my face in both her hands, kissing me on the forehead.
        "Welcome, Han" she told me. "Jade talks so much about you. When she contacts me" she informed Jade over her shoulder.
        "Please, sit" she insisted, seating herself on the couch, inviting me to sit beside her.
        Not delaying, I sat down next to her, knowing that I was raising Mr Leykwõta's blood pressure.
        Mrs Leykwõta had Sparr's same metallic sheen to her more yellowish skin. It was the same sheen Jade's skin sometimes showed in direct sunlight. She was a beautiful, delicately shaped woman with sculpted features and only slightly slanted, almond eyes. 
        Jade made herself comfortable besides me, sandwiching me between herself and her mother.
        This made Mr Leykwõta even more enraged.
        "What gives you the right to claim my daughter as your partner - and that on Global Broadcasting!" he suddenly blurted in his frustration.
        I stared at him in shock. Jade giggled nervously, but Mrs Leykwõta did not take any nonsense from her husband.
        "They fit wonderfully together" she told him. "I would have given my approval of their union even if I did not know who Han Storm really is."
Copyright © 2009-2018 H Gibson Chronicles of Han