Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Selling Farting Rainbows and Unicorn Ghosts

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Selling Farting Rainbows and Unicorn Ghosts

A little bit of a laugh and a rant.

In a life where bull manure seems to sell for the highest price, I am seriously considering adjusting sales tactics to that of humoristic nonsensical narcissist, especially because it seems that people are . . . cautious . . . around me as an individual.

Maybe I should start showing them the real deep dark side of Creation. On the other hand, humour can become pretty dark too.

Will readers appreciate a less serious Han? One who jokes around about complicated issues of life and the afterlife?

Or should I rather just enjoy myself and fart on rainbows and ghost-ride unicorns?

I hope you enjoyed this piece of nonsensical psychedelically time-consuming broth. Maybe we can build at least one policeman from it.


Han Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han
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Monday, 25 June 2018

A LIFE in Progress - The Chronicles of Han - NDE book by H Gibson

(Email received from my Alpha-Reader)

A LIFE in Progress

The Chronicles of Han is indeed, a work in progress - a LIFE in progress!

To be honest with you, Beloved, I recognized your 'difference' from the second we met for the first time at AJM's house (way back in 2009, I think it was?) - you not only looked different, you also felt different!

But of course, at that stage (when we first met in this life-time) I had no idea of who you actually are!
And I'm still awed at what I 'know' about you now!! But having read something about you, I guess I could say that my own awakening is also a 'work-in-progress' ... !

Ai tog re-reading all the different books in draft has, once again, left me speechless - once again!
I had hoped (after reading it yesterday) that by putting it aside, sleeping over it and giving it time to brew, I might have a light-bulb moment - but (like ESKOM) the power is off!
I am in the dark as to what to say ... ?

All I see is this Light which shines ever brighter as time goes by!
You are 'in-progress' all the time - and my sense is that by this time next year you will have 'progressed' even further - there is really nothing more I can say or add here - we, your fans, really have no idea what is going on inside of you - but as we read about you our own lives are in-progress as well.


25 June 2018

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Comment from Author: "Some days we need reminders of why we are here. My books would never have seen the light if it was not for a dedicated team of Alpha Readers, Editor and Beta Readers. I'm so grateful to have all these amazing people in my life."

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

H Gibson - Author of The Chronicles of Han - NDEr and 3rd degree Burns Survivor

All about a Meme

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H Gibson - Author of The Chronicles of Han - NDEr and 3rd degree Burns Survivor

#ChroniclesofHan #NDE #Burns This is supposed to be a funny meme, and it would be if it was not that the special effects were so accurate. Readers and clients always want to know how bad my burns were. JUST LIKE THIS - just the whole face and neck, both arms and both legs. 

My body died, I had a confirmed Near Death Experience, visited other worlds, had a Life Review and was sent back to the crisp when the the doctors finally managed to revive it. 

The cheek is how my left hand, wrist and forearm looked. The forehead, nose, neck and chin - that's me. Tip of my nose gone. Tip of ear gone. 

I returned and healed, proving miracles can happen; assisted thousands of other people to heal too and I'm not sure how many readers' lives had been changed due to reading my past life books for books tend to find other homes and to be shared around.

Thus next time you look at someone, be aware that you might never know where they had come from, what they had lived through and what battles they are still fighting each day.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Does Sex sell Books? Question asked about The Chronicles of Han Book Series

Does Sex sell Books?

A good question. Does sex truly sell books?
How much romance is too much for a wide range of readers?
What is sexually explicit content?
What is adult reading?
What is just plain smut?

The Chronicles of Han contain such scenes, carefully debated for specific reasons which includes life lessons.
Some content might be uncomfortable to elicit questions in readers.
All scenes are judged before a strict panel of readers, including pensioners before going to print.
Yet we advise readership from 18 only.

For more information or free chapters visit

All comments welcome.

#Romance #SpaceOpera #Esoteric #Paranormal #Sex #ChroniclesofHan

(This question had come up again due to censorship of romance books).

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