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Ups and Downs of Locally held events

Ups and Downs of Locally held events

Some days are satisfying and some days just feel like wasted effort.

Book signings, public appearances and local markets are only as successful as the public who visit and support these venues.

Some market days are well attended, making the market a huge success, even if the visitors did not purchase a single item, just walked around, had a look and said hallo to the vendors who have poured weeks of hard work into the event.

The same amount of effort, care and meticulous preparation goes into a successful market day, as a day on which not a single visitor walks past your stand or stall. The vendors are still committed, sunshine or rain, to produce the best items to have available on the day.

Unfortunately, local producers become downhearted when the market or event had been advertised extensively but shows a low turnout of visitors. This trend leads to the demise of local events, which in turn leads to the termination of fair and open trade where local producers are forced to work through agents and third parties resulting in the price of their goods going up and becoming out of reach of the general public.

There are jewels to be found locally, so please support local events, even to just take ten minutes and visit an event. If our local artists, producers and crafters are not supported, we lose these wonderful people and eventually all local community events.

At the end of the day, these small markets and events are set up for you, the locals, to have first pick of great products not usually found anywhere else.