Friday, 27 September 2019

3rd Degree Burns lead to more than 2 million words of published content, The Chronicles of Han by H Gibson

Coming out of the NDE 'closet' in many ways liberates one. It also creates a different type of life than what you originally envisioned. With following the instructions I had during my major NDEs, it had changed our lives irrevocably.
"Past Life Memories Revealed

The Chronicles of Han bring people a glimpse into other ways of being, other ways of experiencing.

A lot of people that read The Chronicles of Han come back to me, stating that they are familiar with some of the content within the books and that the interaction between life in physical and spiritual form suddenly make a lot more sense.

It was not my original intention to allow people to grow and heal through reading The Chronicles of Han. I started to write the books to heal myself. By simply retelling my lives from so long ago, they exploded into proper books. My husband and a host of fans cannot wait to read the rest of my retellings, finding it extremely exciting narratives.

The Chronicles of Han depicts my journey in growing into who I am at the moment.

All I can say is that I am more content now than ever before upon a physical world, knowing that when I leave, no physical experience that happened here is of importance, only the emotional experiences and how I have chosen to deal with it.

I can only write from my own individual experiences. Experiences that seem to be incredulous, yet it is healing so many Soul-Spirits on Earth.

Han Gibson, 2011"

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chicken Love
Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chickens are incredibly intelligent birds once the fear of a person had been replaced with trust.
When your chickens trust you, they will come to you for cuddles, seeing you as their human, thus training is done by playing with them.

This is the event that happened this morning, spontaneously, without pre-arrange input from me. I was fortunate to be able to share this bit of magic in my life with readers. It is an amazing feeling to know these chicks trust you so much as to want to be around you.

These chicks are 5 weeks old.

I welcome inquiries to come and visit and play with my therapy chickens. You will not be disappointed.
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Cinnabun is one of the most inquisitive birds I had thus far, demanding cuddles whenever I'm around.

"Us too!"
Hmm. What is going on here? The others are occupying the chair?

"Okay, let us then line up."

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Latest releases of Chronicles of Han Storm: Living a Multidimensional Life and Sovereign Dohr

Chronicles of Han Storm: Living a Multidimensional Life and Sovereign Dohr, Part 11, Creata Adventure

Latest releases of Chronicles of Han Storm: Living a Multidimensional Life and Sovereign Dohr

My latest releases looking good in print. 

Living a Multidimensional Life is my authobiography about my Near Death/Death Experience, my Life Review at the time and how I was shown how my Soul-life fits into my incarnation. It also covers the recovery from Third Degree Burns and the adventures I experienced in ICU including meeting a South African celebrity. 

Sovereign Dohr is the eleventh installment of the Creata series, covering the adventure on the planet called Dohr, describing Han's continued change into Navigator for his beloved Creatan people.

For more information or to purchase direct with PayPal, visit the pages for the books on this blog or go to

All the Chronicles of Han currently in print.