Friday, 28 March 2014

Dragons are not horses

Dragons are not Horses!

Except from Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka:

   I dreamt of Huracan inside caves on the other side of the city, a minute's flying distance from Floverne.
   Sheltered in their catacombs, I recognized the area where I had been when Moira had hatched.
   A huge green dragon stood in the entrance of a cave, patiently waiting for other Huracan to wake up properly. Some grumbled, stretching in their caverns, some fell about, giddy from their long sleep.
   All were ravenously hungry.
   The huge dragon scuttled outside, into the snow. Picking up its head, it tested the air. The wind was blowing in from the City.
   Backing up a step, it extended itself forward and up, bellowing a challenge that could be felt within the air-currents . . . "


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Picture Details:
Quote from Game of Thrones: Viserys Targaryen: The brave men did not kill dragons. The brave men rode them.
Unfortunately I could not trace the origin or artist of the picture except the website address as included.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

In guarded tones - or not - an ode to Rejuvinit

Life, love and passion only get better with a dash of Rejuvinit Beauty Oil!

Oh, goodness, I LOVE the stuff.

In guarded tones - or not
            - an ode to Rejuvinit

Rekindling dwindling fires
Erased in living life
Sincere infatuation
For long lost love revised

So many reasons to abscond
The fun and games
Of birds and bees
Then see the seasons go beyond

From youth to grown in autumn spree
Time moves forward, seasons turn
Still no pleasure
For counterfeit flesh aburn

Then Heaven sent
Rejuvinit penetrate to anoint
Not just skin but spirit also mend
Invoking passion and covetous point

Lo and behold a mended pair
Reunion rejoice in timeous share
Regret this discovery delayed
But now who cares - a perfect played!


Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han Storm. All rights reserved. 2009-2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Reclaiming of Duback - Chapter One - Book 2 - Creata Trilogy

Han Storm:
The Chronicles of Han
Book 2

Part 8- Reclaiming of Duback

This chronicle is dedicated to Jade.

There are so many experiences one faces by oneself.
     These experiences are the hidden events that complete life in-between living within the physical. The little things that are not meant to be shared with physical entities. The secret happenings within your deepest Self.
     These are my experiences I did not originally want to share with this World.

I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .

Part 8

Reclaiming of Duback

*** One ***        

        We stepped through the Portal into a tremendous snow storm.
        Jade's hand was ripped from my grasp and we skidded apart on the ice.
        Caught within the clutches of the wind, I was swept away from her.
        Tumbled into a cocoon of snow and ice, all reality of orientation disappeared within the freezing grip of the cold.
        Silence followed with sleepy warmth underneath the heavy covering of snow . . .


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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Where did The Chronicles of Han Storm officially start?

Where did The Chronicles of Han Storm officially start?

Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Taming Encha, Book3.
“      “Where was the turning point within this adventure? Where did it all officially start for you?” Hulo asked me.
I thought back to the very first knowing I had. The very first actual conscious knowing of who I was within this lifetime on Creata.
“When we opened Altneght” I answered in Creatan, convinced of this fact. “There I re-experienced the demise of my people, the crumbling of the portal. And I knew then that I had left things undone in that lifetime that I needed to finish and finalize in this one.

Of all the places I have been and served, through all the time I had been away from this Universe, Altneght always stands out as my home within this Universe. It is the place where I had built the fondest memories. From long ago and even this lifetime . . . Yes. Altneght would be the place.”              “


Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han Storm. All rights reserved. 2009-2014

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Interview with H Gibson, Author of the Chronicles of Han Storm Books

If you wish to read the transcript of the Interview with H Gibson by the Han Storm Book Club Members in December 2013, please follow the link to the website: 

The following subjects were discussed:

Leilaka vs Creata
The Chronicles of Han Storm Written in Parts
Hints at more books
Two Different Trilogies
Motivation for Writing
Independent Publishing
Names, emotions and Immortality
Intrigue, Fascination and Re-reading

PS! As I know that not everyone is interested in interviews, this is just a notification that the transcript is now available on the website.