Sunday, 16 March 2014

Where did The Chronicles of Han Storm officially start?

Where did The Chronicles of Han Storm officially start?

Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Taming Encha, Book3.
“      “Where was the turning point within this adventure? Where did it all officially start for you?” Hulo asked me.
I thought back to the very first knowing I had. The very first actual conscious knowing of who I was within this lifetime on Creata.
“When we opened Altneght” I answered in Creatan, convinced of this fact. “There I re-experienced the demise of my people, the crumbling of the portal. And I knew then that I had left things undone in that lifetime that I needed to finish and finalize in this one.

Of all the places I have been and served, through all the time I had been away from this Universe, Altneght always stands out as my home within this Universe. It is the place where I had built the fondest memories. From long ago and even this lifetime . . . Yes. Altneght would be the place.”              “


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