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Living with Burn Scarring, Eczema and Chronic Pain

Living with Burn Scarring, Eczema and Chronic Pain

Axhilirit and Rejuvinit products had been developed - for me!

No wrinkles - Check!
No hormonal fluctuations - Check!
No eczema flare ups - Check!
Minimal backache - Check!
No more burn scarring in my face - Check! Check! Check!

Axhilirit Healing Oil and Eczema Products:

I struggled for 38 years to find a solution to my constant, excruciatingly dry, itchy and sometimes debilitating eczema outbreaks that were so bad that my skin would crack open and become a raw, bleeding mass of crocodile skin.

After my husband's Axhilirit Healing Oil assisted in the regeneration of proper skin on my third degree burn scars, he formulated the Axhilirit Eczema for me and I have had soft, moisturized, non-itchy skin without an eczema flare up for the past four years. What a pleasure to be able to get on with your life. No more irritating skin. No more people staring at your burn scars or walking on the other side of the street just because they cannot face you due to the way you looked. Now they do not even notice the last bit of scarring I am treating on my hands. If I do not specifically point it out, no-one notices.

Miracle Rejuvinit Beauty Oil and Rejuvinit GOLD anti ageing serum! My favourite products:

The Rejuvinit Gold has brought some unexpected issues of 'longevity' into my life. People cannot gauge my age any more and although it is 43 (there, see, I may give my age away) a few interesting comments have been received and I am no longer covering grey hairs because of comments like:
"Look how nice the sisters are playing" - my daughters are teenagers, come on - I am their mother (but thank you for the compliment).
"Look, look, a child bride!" a veiled lady mentioned to her husband one day at a market we were attending. We still have a good giggle at that compliment - thank you, that was very sweet.
"Are you on your father's medical aid" from an optometrist's assistant. I though my husband was going to have a fit, then I reminded him that it was because of his products and that he should really start using Rejuvinit Gold as well. His reply was that it was not going to help for his grey beard!

Rejuvinit Beauty Oil is used in a daily routine to assist in hormonal fluctuations I have had all my life. These fluctuations resulted in severe PMS and quite a few other Endocrinology issues (not to be discussed here). Applying the Rejuvinit once a day over the abdominal skin has given me immense relief, to the point of having sorted out most of these issues, including keeping a flawless skin without any adult acne, no heavy periods and a "marked increase in libido" (blush, at my 'old' age - yeh!).  

Axhilirit Pain Therapy Gel and Balm:

Because of old horse-riding injuries and a very bad fall in 2012 where I sustained damage to my sacrum (and had shattered my coccyx), I suffer from terrible lower back ache at times. As a result of the history of the third degree burns, my body had build up a resistance to pharmaceuticals, especially painkillers to the point where they seldom work. What I do find is that our topically applied Axhilirit Pain Therapy Gel and Balm provides relief from the pain and improves mobility to the point where I am comfortable enough to continue with my daily tasks.

The irony is that when the Doctors told me that my back injury was going to take time to heal, I did not believe them. Two years down the line, I agree. It does take time and I should be patient and look after my body.

It might sound incredible that one person had been through so much calamity, but it really is not. I see myself as one of the luckier ones. There are other people battling with worse situations, worse injuries and extreme amounts of physical pain.

Real life unfortunately does read like a story. Because of my experiences I have made several friends in similar or worse situations. Some are doing better, having recovered from their situations or injuries; some are still battling, and some have moved on to other realms of existence.

Thank you for taking the time to read this personal blog-post.


H Gibson, Author, Chronicles of Han Storm

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