Living a Multidimensional Life - NDE, Life Review - Autobiography

Chronicles of Han: Living a Multidimensional Life, Section 1, The Nde and Life Review of H Gibson

Status: AVAILABLE 03 February 2019

Please note this book is meant be a stand-alone to be enjoyed independently while complementing the current Chronicles of Han past life book series. This book covers the NDEs (Near Death Experiences), Life Review, impact, and recovery process from Third Degree Burns to 35% of the author's body.

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NDE - Living a Multidimensional Life #1
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Living A Multidimensional Life

  Caught up in a cooking oil explosion, I twice went into cardiac arrest,

slipping away to the other side, to be returned for the greater good of mankind.

Without challenge there is no growth, therefore Souls are tempered during incarnations.

  I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .

*** Foreword ***
    "Clear!" the ER doctor warned where I hovered in spirit form above the bed, watching them struggle with the blackened corpse, attempting to attach an IV into the shoulder.
    The electric shock of the defibrillator sucked me right back into my body.
    Awareness of their struggle around me made me moan in agony of being re-incarcerated into the worthless flesh.
    "We have you, do not worry, stay with us," Dr Ching encouraged, watching me, a mask covering his face.
    They had managed to secure the IV, Dr Kozaczynski stitching it in place not to be dislodged.
    'How fortunate I am to be surrounded by familiar people.'
    A random, out of place thought. It was not so bad to go through such a disaster while tended to by people you knew.
    Closing my eyes, I let everything go, slipping out of my body, briefly glancing back where the doctors were debating about amputating my fingers; whether or not I had sustained inhalation burns.
    Ronald was not there. My lifeline was not at my side as he always was.
    "Vitals dropping!" someone stated while the doctors scrambled to attend to the dying body.
    *Come, Han,* Sensaii beckoned.
    Listening to my lifelong spirit friend, I thought of The Land Beyond. There was nothing I wanted to do for my body. It was time to go home . . .


 Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019

Feedback / Review

"Intriguing, interesting and clarifying!" - Manfred Menke

The Chronicles of Han, Living a Multidimensional Life,
Section 1: Near Death Experience, Life Review, Aftermath
Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019
Date Published: 3 February 2019
Paperback: 978-1-928471-26-4 
ebook: 978-1-928471-27-1
H Gibson Author and Cover Design
Photo Credit: Sri Nithya Sadyojatananda
Set in Book Antiqua
56,391 words - approximately 6 hours of entertainment


Section 1: Near Death Experience, Life Review,Aftermath

*** Legal Responsibility ***

*** About this book ***     

*** Living A Multidimensional Life ***

*** Foreword ***

*** One *** 
      Friday, March 5, 2004, NDE at age 33       

*** Two *** 

*** Three ***

      Entering The Land of The Golden Light
         Celestial Beings   
         Questions about NDEs       
         NDE - Near Death Experience       
         NNDE - Near Near Death Experience (Medically Unconfirmed) 
         DE - Death Experience       
         OBE - Out of Body Experiences     
         AP - Astral Projection, Astral Walking, Conscious OBE   
         STE - Spiritually Transformative Experiences         
         Remote Viewing / Consciousness Shifting 
         Split Consciousness / Partial OBE   
         Note from author     
     Start of my Life-Review - Childhood         
     Early Adulthood     
     Wishes do come true
     Reincarnation Ethics
     Early Marriage and Life challenges 
     The wedding
     Trusting the Process of Life 
     Life Happens
     Returning to my Soul-Roots
     Obvious Instructions
     Meeting my Healer Guide   
     Issues with old boyfriends   
     Being Reprimanded by YourSelf   
     Previous Near Death Experiences   
       NDE/OBE at Age 3 
       NDE/OBE at Age 18
       NDE/OBE at Age 28
       NDE/OBE at age 32
     Becoming MySelf   

*** Four *** 
      Saturday, March 6, 2004     
      Doctor Discussion   
      Mysterious Visitor   
      Morphine versus Energy Healing     

*** Five *** 
      Sunday, March 7, 2004       

*** Six ***   
      Monday, March 8, 2004     

*** Seven ***         
      Tuesday, March 9, 2004     
      Wednesday, March 10, 2004
      Thursday, March 11, 2004   
      Friday, March 12, 2004       

*** Eight ***
      Saturday, March 13, 2004   
      Monday, March 15, 2004   
      Tuesday, March 16, 2004   
      Wednesday, March 17, 2004

 *** Nine ***
      Thursday, March 18, 2004   
      Friday, March 19, 2004       

 *** Ten *** 
      A new normal
      Meeting a South African Icon         
      Death and Life       

 *** Eleven ***         

 *** Twelve *** 
      Paranormal Activities and Metaphysical Gifts       
      How I met my Dark Guardian         
      Protection Energy   
      Losing Family Members     
      Guiding Them Home - Stuck Between Worlds       
      Guiding Them Home - Death of an Atheist
      Unsolicited Visits   
      Reintroduction to Reiki       
      Pets and the Afterlife

 *** Thirteen ***       
      A New Adventure   

 *** Epilogue ***     

 *** Reference Notes ***     

 *** About H Gibson ***       

 *** Other Titles in the Chronicles of Han Storm Series *** 
      Behind the Scenes Blog Booklet     
      Preserving Creata     
      Reclaiming Duback 
      Taming Encha
      Sovereign Dōhr       
      Negotiating Limïer   
      Opening Almeria     
      Engaging Chlophilia
      Saving Leilaka         
      Recounting Leilaka 
      Return to Leilaka     

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