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Do public FANS make the author?

Why does Han Storm have so 'few' publicly announced followers or fans on Social Media?

This question seems to come up time and again, and had been answered numerous times before, the latest version of this question being: "It is sad to see you have such a low amount of fans on social media."

In most commercial circles, it matters greatly to have outgoing, enthusiastic fans to promote your books, to back your writing up, to introduce you to other readers and the greater public at large.

In niche circles, some authors prefer to stay out of the limelight for various reasons, only introducing Social Media connections due to repeated reader requests or publisher pressure. Each public forum is carefully selected for specific purposes and serves those purposes as is expected from them.

I smile when people remark on the 'low' amount of fans The Chronicles of Han Storm is publicly associated with on Social Media. I am aware of how many people have read The Chronicles of Han Storm, how many people across the globe actually follow The Chronicles of Han Storm Social Media sites on an unannounced and private level.

So why does Han Storm have so 'few' publicly announced followers or fans on Social Media?

The answer is short and incomprehensible. As our beloved AJM used to say: "Han is complicated, never mind Beyond Words!"

I thank every person who regularly visits these Social Media sites, assuring me that there is immense interest shown.

I am grateful for the individuals who publicly associate themselves with Han.

I respect those who prefer to stay private and out of the public eye for their own reasons.

I also thank all the readers who purchase the books, making it possible for me to continue writing more adventures of Han.

When you have read The Chronicles of Han Storm, there is no need for fancy words or to publicly state your association, fandom, or anything else for that matter.

Just enjoy the books!

Original blog article 'Beyond Words' available on www.chroniclesofhan.com

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

When Prosperity Hit the Power Snag

When Prosperity hit the Power Snag

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm, Taming Encha, Book 3

        "When you have finished here with the initial subduing of these Lizard Creatures, and I am well aware that you are the only one who can subdue them, the CMC wants you to find us a proper planet to move people to.
        And by proper, we mean somewhere we can move in without having any resistance from Humans or Nature."
        Staring hard at Major James Heraldt, my irritation must have shown for he sat forward, becoming agitated as well.
        "You all take it for granted that the 'better' planets have no inhabitants of a proper social order" I told him. "Dōhr is one of the very few planets that do not have any higher intelligence staying on her.
        Duback, Encha and even Gly-Terrion have resources we need, but are not very friendly environments. Why do you think they were abandoned in droves in the Wars?

        The Wars did not go about resources or even space for people. It was purely for Power.

Who had the most and who could keep it the longest. It did not go about the people who were supposed to be served by their leaders. The leaders simply took whatever they wanted and threw the scraps to the people, if there were any left.
        This Universe used to be a member of the Galactic Alliances, but the fight for Power between opposing sides wiped existence out as we used to know it. It threw us back into the Archaic Times. 
        Prosperity hit the Power snag and individuals suffered for it; is still suffering for the sake of one or two people wanting all the Power.  Our Universe was closed to travel and we were left to fend for ourselves, each planet isolated in a sea of dark space. 
        I will find you a proper planet, but you are going to have to have your story straight and your negotiation skills honed, for from now on we have only 'proper' places available to us.
        If we are to have any resistance to coming from Off World, we might be taking on huge amounts of superstitious trouble as well."


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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Mother's Sacrifice

A mother's sacrifice

Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories

       Carol came to visit me in the middle of the week. She had borrowed my notes on the 5th Dimension, Astral Planes and what is commonly referred to as 'Heaven'. She was distressed as she was supposed to be giving a talk on the subject over the weekend, but was currently very sick with bronchitis and really not looking well.
       We talked about what we perceived as Heaven and how wonderful it was there. Then she mentioned that she felt sadness that her son would have to grow up without her, but that it would be for the best.
       I was not impressed with her 'final goodbye' and told her that there was still a chance that things could be different. But we both knew that it was not to be and we both knew that she was going Home soon.
       I felt so sad when she left, not mentioning our depressing conversation to anyone.

       Over the weekend I took the children to the beach near Carol's house. Afterwards, as per tradition, my partner asked if I wanted to go say hallo. I told him no, my Divine Support Team prevented me from doing so. It felt strange but I was forbidden to go see her. He said okay and we left for home.

       The next morning Carol's brother phoned to say she had passed away during the night due to an asthma attack. Her seven year old son found her this morning, alerting the rest of the household.
       It was devastating news to many, and I blamed myself for not going to see her the previous day.
       I was told by my Divine Support Team that if I had interfered, she would not have left for Home to continue her work in spiritual form from that side.
       Everything would be better now. Everything would work out now for her children. It was her sacrifice and she was happy to give it as she felt that she did not have anything to live for on this Earth any longer anyway.
       Her personal situation would never change, but she could bring great change into the lives of her children.
       Her husband soon re-married and both her children are content in their new house and circumstances.


Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han Storm 2009-2014

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Conscious Awareness

Conscious Awareness

Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Taming Encha

"      "Conscious Awareness. Being conscious is being aware of being aware."

      I could not help gaping at him and Tempodium laughed his short, sinister little laugh.

      It was funny and I laughed as well.

      "I know. I get that reaction every time with that explanation" he told me.    "

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

From the Book of the Dead: In memory of Robin Williams

From the Book of the Dead: In memory of Robin Williams
July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014

Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm, Leilaka:

"  We did not have enough material to wrap the bodies, so had to dispose of them as is. Using the horses to bring the bodies to the pyres, we laid the fallen out on the wood, their last resting places before being returned back to ashes.
   We all gathered around to hear Reif read from an ancient looking manuscript.

   "From the Book of the Dead:

I advise you to open your heart and remember
That which you truly are
There where you truly come from
There where your real place of existence is

Our true form is light and consciousness
Created a life-spark from the All-Consciousness
To be able to Manifest from Light
Into density and the illusion of Life

This privilege we gain
By the Grace of the All-Consciousness
Given Free-Will so we might entertain
Not only ourselves but the Cosmos as well

Live Life True and Fair
Use your Incarnation wisely
Accumulating Positive Experiences
For your Soul to Grow and Learn

And when your Allocated Time is up
Discard the flesh with joy
And Return Home to the Spirit Worlds
Through the Portal of Inviting Light

Do not give heed to the sorrow
Of those left behind
For they grieve not for you
But for themselves

The separation is but illusion
For in physical form most cannot see
The veil too thick
The vibrations too dense

Leave all this behind
For only a gracious play had been
This life the living still perceive as real

Your loved-ones await
To welcome you back
Into the arms of the Eternal Love."

   They bowed their heads and a few moments of silence followed, each person reflecting on his own life, his own path that he still needed to walk.
   Then, as one man, they took up the torches and lit the kindling in the pyres.   "


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Monday, 28 July 2014



December 9, 2012 

Today I will put worry away and be at PEACE
As there is a divine reason for everything that happens to us.

Today I will put anger away and strive to LOVE
As anger destroys inner harmony. Seek out the reason for anger and release it.

Today I will RESPECT those that act as my teachers
As they possess knowledge I need to grow in all aspects.

As there is an unlimited supply of wealth and happiness on this plane of physical experiences.

Today I will SHOW GRATITUDE to all Life
As the Universal Life Force vibrates in all things animate and inanimate.


Monday, 21 July 2014

The Body is just a Vessel for the Soul-Spirit

The Body is just a Vessel for the Soul-Spirit

Excerpts from Han Storm: Chronicles of Han, Creata Trilogy, Taming Encha

“      Screaming with laughter, Moira answered that question for me.
     **You are so silly sometimes. Always suspicious of deception. Jade did not have the documents before she allowed herself to mother a child with you. Neither did she deceive you. No-one knew that I was going to have a sister before you left for Encha.**
     Thank goodness Jade did not follow this conversation, looking querying from me to Moira, annoyed that she was shut out from this telepathic exchange.
     *Thank you* I told both of them, pulling Jade nearer to the bed to acquaint myself with the new little light inside of her.
     **She does not acknowledge us, Daddy. She wants to experience from a more normal perspective, going it the hard, human way** Moira explained why I was not receiving an answer from this little light.
     *Oh!* I told Moira, puzzled about this.
     **You are so new to the ways of free-willed Soul-Spirits** Moira told me, exasperated.
     *Then enlighten me, O Wise One!* I teased.


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Friday, 18 July 2014

Recorded Interview with Han Storm Found

The Han Storm Files: First Official Interview with Han Storm Found

(Location: Duback, Base Zero)

   We have found the very first, official interview with Han Storm.

   The Journalist, Victoria Swift, and a crew from the Hew Haven News had been flown to the first opened planet, Duback, where we are currently stationed. As we did not receive permission to copy this recording, we can only give our readers a transcribed version of it.

    Please note that Rogge had decided to put her own descriptions in so readers might have a better idea how everything looked.

 Transcript done by Rogge Wints, VidNews Interplanetary:

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Guiding them Home: The Comfort of Religion

The Comfort of Religion

Link to Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: Guiding Them Home

       The day my mother and father went for a walk together, I knew something was terribly wrong. I suspected something for years anyway, as my mother did not want to live anymore. She was always telling me how miserable she was and that she felt that there was no alternative for her to get out of her circumstances except to die.


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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Taming Encha - Chapter One - Chronicles of Han Storm

As so many fans have asked me to please make more of Book 3 from the Creata Trilogy available to refer their friends to, how about the whole first chapter?


Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Stom, Creata Trilogy, Taming Encha, Book 3, Chapter One

Taming Encha

*** One ***

        "She is my best bleeder" the bald man informed me, referring to an anaemic looking girl confined in a cage, staring listlessly into nothing.

        "We keep the virgins pure, collecting their moons for the Master" he chatted informatively, leading me deeper into the cavern system, cages and containing gates lining the walls.

        "He indulges in their sweet scented blood, sustaining himself and his magics" he told me, stopping, unlocking a gate to a dark corner.

        "But when he wants food, he prefers the blood of the breeders, especially those that are made to abort, for within their blood is the gift of eternal youth."

        He opened the gate, indicating me to enter.

        I walked past him into the cold damp of my cell, turning back to stare at his self-satisfied, sharpened tooth grin.

        "What happens if you cannot find a pregnant woman?" I wished to know.

        "Then we have to sacrifice a baby or a small child to satisfy his needs."

        He locked the gate securely before standing back, watching the disgust on my features.

        "It is nothing new. The breeders are not always susceptible to impregnation and the Master only wants to feed off pure humans."

        "Pure humans?" I wanted to know.

        "Yes, those people that are not eaters of man-flesh."

        "Then these breeders are not from your Clan?"

        "No, of course not! They are prisoners, as yourself. The Master is going to be overjoyed with your capture. A true Captain of the Newcomers."

Continue reading on website


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Best Natural Anti-Ageing Products

Hi Everyone

I had such a laugh with a client yesterday that I just have to share this with my readers.

It is amazing to see how quickly the Rejuvinit and Rejuvinit Gold natural skin products work when clients still stand amazed at the results, even after knowing the products for years.

Last month, an old client ordered some Rejuvinit after almost two years of not hearing from her. We had a long chat and when delivering the products noted that she had neglected her skin for a while due to a terrible crisis period in her life.  

Yesterday, I bumped into her at a shop. She grabbed me by the hand, almost shouting at me to look at how quickly her depleted facial skin had been repaired. She was in high spirits, absolutely satisfied with the product and was receiving compliments wherever she went.

Rejuvinit is a no-nonsense product. You apply it and forget about it. Make-up can be done within 5 minutes of application. In most regards, all other skin toners, cleansers and creams fall by the wayside, saving time and money.

My own beauty regime: I place ten drops of Axhilirit Eczema Moisturizing Oil in my bathwater, gently massage two to four drops of Rejuvinit Beauty Oil or Rejuvinit Gold Anti-Aging Serum (depending on the occasion) into my skin, and sometimes use a bit of Rejuvinit Anti-Ageing Cream in the evenings as a supportive night cream.

For more information on the products visit www.healing-oil.co.za

Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Path of Destiny

The Path of Destiny

Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm: Book 3
"        Racewater sat staring at me a while longer before making up his mind to ask me a question outright. "I know you are busy with a lot of things at any given moment in our perceived time, but may I ask, what do you see, what do you perceive?"
        My throat started closing up and my heart-rate immediately increased.
        "In what regard?" I wanted to know, feeling the Hand of Destiny being lowered upon my shoulders, Duek closing in with his icy clasp around me, isolating me from the world.
        Racewater did not back down, he did back up though, standing up and stepping away from me to get out of my Dark Guardian's overwhelmingly cold reach.
        "We are on the subject of Universal work, nothing to do with Creatans. I wish to know if you know where we are going on a Universal scale."

        Duek confirmed that it was a legitimate question and that I was allowed to answer Racewater.    "


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Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Missions Looming

New Missions Looming

Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm, Taming Encha, Book 3:
"      If I had ever felt removed, separated, alienated from the human species, my people surrounding me, it was at this very moment.
        I looked over at Jade, so beautiful and vibrant with life growing within her, and I felt as ancient as only Madge made me feel.
        I have taken many forms of life. I have loved many entities before. I still love those that were very special to me and I remembered their essence, their faces, their history as of yesterday.
        I have served in so many places. I wished to serve in so many more. I knew I would carry on indefinitely, infinitely, until The Creator deemed me redundant and made me one with Him again.

        Jade handed me comfortable civilian clothes, asking me to hurry up for James wished to see me urgently.
        The CMC had wasted a significant amount of time waiting for me to adjust to my new form and vibrational levels. They wished to know where they stood with me.

        Sighing, I followed her out to my common room that had been turned into an emergency command post.       "


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Monday, 12 May 2014

Self blame of a Soldier

The Han Storm Files: Self blame of a Soldier

(Location: Duback, Base Zero)
   I am perplexed. Rogge had come upon recording discs from the Astral Walkers that had served with Han Storm in the Enchan Wars. Included was a whole box full of disks from my very own forebear, Roland 'Slick' Hawks.
   Rogge had re-recorded some of these for me to play on my Q40. She said that it would be best for me to watch it in private and then hand it back to her to transcribe if I so wished.
   The disturbing thing is that I seem to have memory of these events, of the very private happenings Slick had talked about. How can someone seem to have knowledge of events that happened more than 500 years ago?
   If any of my readers could maybe have an explanation of why all of this feels so very familiar, please leave a message at my private line at the New Haven News, New Haven, Creata. It will be forwarded to me here on Duback.   
   Investigative Reporter R. Hawks, New Haven News.

Recording: Astral Walker Roland 'Slick' Hawks:
   Hawks seems haggard, his eyes swollen and red, tears glistening within.
   "We lost Quill" he stated into the recording device, wiping at his eyes with a brown sleeve. " We . . . (sniff) . . . we were still connected when he passed over."
   (Sigh with extended exhale).
   "Quill came to me in Astral, to warn me of the attack right inside the Portal Camp. I panicked and could not get into my body to shut the crio-chamber down, to warn my AWA."
   (Wiping hands through long sandy-red hair before focussing on the screen, a serious expression replacing the one of anguish.)
   "Han went mad. Really, totally off his rocker. Canning said he had never heard of such a thing as what Han had done. It was horrible.
   (Look away, look back at screen).
   I spoke to Racewater. Han is under observation in Hulo's tent at the moment. He had guarded over Quill's body through the night, only allowing Hulo into the tent this morning.
   The worst thing that can happen to a telepath is to lose a telepathic connection.
   It is bad enough that I . . . we . . . have lost a brother; a beloved companion; an Astral Walker.
   Racewater said that Han had killed at least four Lizards and the last count I had received on the slain Cannibals was forty-five.
   I guess that just about evens out the total killed on both sides.
   War. I was not aware that the situation would become full blown war.
   I have lost my brother. It was my fault (sniff) . . .
   It IS my fault . . .
End of recording.


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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Beating Death - Guiding Them Home

Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: Guiding them home

Beating Death

       I watched the young mother where she was lying on her death-bed, readying herself to leave this life.
       I was here on request from a friend, to educate and hopefully be able to train this individual in the art of Astral Travel, or conscious out of body experiences.
       "Tell me what you experience when you leave your body, when you travel around as I have heard told of?" she wanted to know from me.
       "Why do you wish to know this? Why do you want to be trained in this experience? What purpose will this serve?" I asked.
       "If I can Astral Travel, I would have beaten Death, KNOWING that there is life beyond death and the Soul-Spirit is eternal. I would be able to give up this body and move on to different experiences without regret."
       She watched me expectantly.
       "You had been for Regression" I wanted to confirm.
       "Yes. What I had experienced in the hypnotherapy session was an unsatisfactory life where I was a woman without ambition or drive. I had no reason to work for I was provided for handsomely by my family and husband. It felt as if I just existed.
       And now I am feeling the same feeling as in that session. I have no reason to live. There is no challenge in my life at all.
       Still, I fear Death, even though I believe that there is life after Death."
                We started with her education . . .

Continue Reading

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Astral Travelling is covered in detail in Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 2, Reclaiming of Duback. For more info visit www.chroniclesofhan.com

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Lost Beloved Found

A Lost Beloved found

Rama shared his anguish when Sita was missing: “One’s suffering is calmed to some extent by speaking of it; but who can I speak to about it? There is no one who will understand. The reality about the chord of love that binds Sita and I, is known to my soul alone; and my soul ever abides with her. This is the essence of our love.”

. . . and tears would roll down Rama’s servant’s cheeks, for he understood, his own heart un-mended, his grief for a lost beloved still overwhelming . . . 

Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: The Jade Saga


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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Who wants to live forever?

Who wants to live forever?

Extracts from The Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Trilogy

"     For the first time since I had returned from Death, I had a glimpse of what it meant to be immortal.
      And it made me depressed.
      If I could not train my current team and loved ones in the art of longevity, or if they did not desire to re-home their spirits within a donated body, I would eventually be the only one left living within this physical realm.

      Their bodies would grow old and fragile. They would either move into retirement or ultimately Pass Over into the spiritual realms, while I was stuck in this body for a considerable amount of physical time.   "


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Friday, 28 March 2014

Dragons are not horses

Dragons are not Horses!

Except from Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka:

   I dreamt of Huracan inside caves on the other side of the city, a minute's flying distance from Floverne.
   Sheltered in their catacombs, I recognized the area where I had been when Moira had hatched.
   A huge green dragon stood in the entrance of a cave, patiently waiting for other Huracan to wake up properly. Some grumbled, stretching in their caverns, some fell about, giddy from their long sleep.
   All were ravenously hungry.
   The huge dragon scuttled outside, into the snow. Picking up its head, it tested the air. The wind was blowing in from the City.
   Backing up a step, it extended itself forward and up, bellowing a challenge that could be felt within the air-currents . . . "


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Picture Details:
Quote from Game of Thrones: Viserys Targaryen: The brave men did not kill dragons. The brave men rode them.
Unfortunately I could not trace the origin or artist of the picture except the website address as included.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

In guarded tones - or not - an ode to Rejuvinit

Life, love and passion only get better with a dash of Rejuvinit Beauty Oil!

Oh, goodness, I LOVE the stuff.

In guarded tones - or not
            - an ode to Rejuvinit

Rekindling dwindling fires
Erased in living life
Sincere infatuation
For long lost love revised

So many reasons to abscond
The fun and games
Of birds and bees
Then see the seasons go beyond

From youth to grown in autumn spree
Time moves forward, seasons turn
Still no pleasure
For counterfeit flesh aburn

Then Heaven sent
Rejuvinit penetrate to anoint
Not just skin but spirit also mend
Invoking passion and covetous point

Lo and behold a mended pair
Reunion rejoice in timeous share
Regret this discovery delayed
But now who cares - a perfect played!


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