Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Path of Destiny

The Path of Destiny

Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm: Book 3
"        Racewater sat staring at me a while longer before making up his mind to ask me a question outright. "I know you are busy with a lot of things at any given moment in our perceived time, but may I ask, what do you see, what do you perceive?"
        My throat started closing up and my heart-rate immediately increased.
        "In what regard?" I wanted to know, feeling the Hand of Destiny being lowered upon my shoulders, Duek closing in with his icy clasp around me, isolating me from the world.
        Racewater did not back down, he did back up though, standing up and stepping away from me to get out of my Dark Guardian's overwhelmingly cold reach.
        "We are on the subject of Universal work, nothing to do with Creatans. I wish to know if you know where we are going on a Universal scale."

        Duek confirmed that it was a legitimate question and that I was allowed to answer Racewater.    "


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