Sunday, 29 June 2014

Taming Encha - Chapter One - Chronicles of Han Storm

As so many fans have asked me to please make more of Book 3 from the Creata Trilogy available to refer their friends to, how about the whole first chapter?


Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Stom, Creata Trilogy, Taming Encha, Book 3, Chapter One

Taming Encha

*** One ***

        "She is my best bleeder" the bald man informed me, referring to an anaemic looking girl confined in a cage, staring listlessly into nothing.

        "We keep the virgins pure, collecting their moons for the Master" he chatted informatively, leading me deeper into the cavern system, cages and containing gates lining the walls.

        "He indulges in their sweet scented blood, sustaining himself and his magics" he told me, stopping, unlocking a gate to a dark corner.

        "But when he wants food, he prefers the blood of the breeders, especially those that are made to abort, for within their blood is the gift of eternal youth."

        He opened the gate, indicating me to enter.

        I walked past him into the cold damp of my cell, turning back to stare at his self-satisfied, sharpened tooth grin.

        "What happens if you cannot find a pregnant woman?" I wished to know.

        "Then we have to sacrifice a baby or a small child to satisfy his needs."

        He locked the gate securely before standing back, watching the disgust on my features.

        "It is nothing new. The breeders are not always susceptible to impregnation and the Master only wants to feed off pure humans."

        "Pure humans?" I wanted to know.

        "Yes, those people that are not eaters of man-flesh."

        "Then these breeders are not from your Clan?"

        "No, of course not! They are prisoners, as yourself. The Master is going to be overjoyed with your capture. A true Captain of the Newcomers."

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Best Natural Anti-Ageing Products

Hi Everyone

I had such a laugh with a client yesterday that I just have to share this with my readers.

It is amazing to see how quickly the Rejuvinit and Rejuvinit Gold natural skin products work when clients still stand amazed at the results, even after knowing the products for years.

Last month, an old client ordered some Rejuvinit after almost two years of not hearing from her. We had a long chat and when delivering the products noted that she had neglected her skin for a while due to a terrible crisis period in her life.  

Yesterday, I bumped into her at a shop. She grabbed me by the hand, almost shouting at me to look at how quickly her depleted facial skin had been repaired. She was in high spirits, absolutely satisfied with the product and was receiving compliments wherever she went.

Rejuvinit is a no-nonsense product. You apply it and forget about it. Make-up can be done within 5 minutes of application. In most regards, all other skin toners, cleansers and creams fall by the wayside, saving time and money.

My own beauty regime: I place ten drops of Axhilirit Eczema Moisturizing Oil in my bathwater, gently massage two to four drops of Rejuvinit Beauty Oil or Rejuvinit Gold Anti-Aging Serum (depending on the occasion) into my skin, and sometimes use a bit of Rejuvinit Anti-Ageing Cream in the evenings as a supportive night cream.

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