Sunday, 14 June 2015

With love, from the Tooth Fairy

To the Tooth Fairy: A note from a distressed little girl - 
"I am so sorry my mom threw my tooth away and gave me a twenty 'R' note. I hope you get this or if you do not, then you ar not real nd my childhood shatterd.
From J
"I hope"
To the tooth fairy"

What will you do when this happens?

At least I have contacts in very high places and received the following reply (yes, did you not know The Tooth Fairy now has email and other modern technology):

From: Representative of The Tooth Fairy <thetoothfairy@email address>
To: H Gibson <email address>
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 2:00 PM
Subject: Fairies exist

Please forward to J.

Dear J

We have been made aware of your note.

Please do realize that, although we do not show ourselves, our realm is very real and Fae Folk do exist. Some in our dimension and some disguised as normal people.

Your mother is one such a person. She is a combination of many things, including Fae, therefore do not just believe in us, but actually sees us and communicates with us.

Due to unrest in countries on Earth, as well as the poor quality of teeth, we had to scale down on our open operations, relying on believing parents to provide us with the substance that ultimately gives us sustenance.

Yes, contrary to the general belief system, we actually feed off the calcium in teeth. Human teeth used to be the best source of calcium but had degraded through the use of chemicals such as fluoride which is a harmful substance to us, stripping us of our powers and energy.

In the countries where it is tradition to make an offering ceremony with teeth, we allow the parents to provide the negotiated amount to the child. We do still collect all teeth, including 'lost' or 'thrown out' teeth and have specialized units who's sole task it is to collect these lost teeth.

Please do not be angry with your mother. She has her own worries and cannot get around to everything. As she is a special person we were made aware of your specific tooth (which was duly collected - from the dustbin!)

In future, we have given her permission to directly collect the tooth for us and keep it in safeguarding until we can send someone to collect it.

When you are an adult with your own children. You can either keep the teeth in safeguard (sort of like a storage bank) or throw them out. They will be collected and incorporated into our dimension. It is up to you what you wish your child to believe.

There is no need to teach them about us. Many people do not believe. It does not make us any more real than vampires or werewolves. Stories always start somewhere, in an experience of something. Stories become legends and legends turn into stories until no-one can remember what is the actual truth. And this is alright.

I hope you will still believe in us and that there is magic in this world, even if it does not look like it. Enjoy the bit of childhood you still have left. It is tough being a grownup.

We watch over you, as your guardian does, as your special mother does. Never feel alone. We are around, for you are one of us too. A kinsman, a child of a fairy-person.

All our love

Your local Tooth Fairy Representative
RSA Western Cape

Result - a happy little girl!

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