Sunday, 28 October 2018

"I hope I do not write TOO many books!"

A meme from LinkedIn by Author Dale Thele

I stopped scrolling, the words jumping out at me, grabbing at my core to carefully read and scrutinize this declaration from spiritual author C JoyBell C.

"I certainly want to write because I live, because my writing is an overflow of my life," Joybell states.

That is wonderful and so nice to hear. People writing because their lives are overflowing with joy and life.

Writers write for many reasons, from escapism from daily toil, therapeutic, to being compelled to write, or making a difference in the world with their writing. Each writer's path is different. Each writer has a different background.

Most published authors know and understand that fame is but for the few and that most books never make it past the 3000 copies sold in a lifetime of the book or author. With a shrinking reader audience, actual books sold are becoming a rarer phenomenon.

If you write and publish because your life is overflowing, be infinitely grateful that you have the freedom and abundant resources to be able to give some time to write in between living a life.

Most other people juggle life just to stay afloat and not drown. For some of them, writing is their daily bread and they chose writing as a career and not a time-consuming hobby.

As for myself, I guess I died to write.
I survived third degree burns and two NDEs. I spent years in rehab and it feels that I live to write my books.

My hope was to have the time, the energy, the tenacity and the continued courage, combined with grace to complete my proposed books in this lifetime.

Maybe it is time to rethink this feeling, approach it from a different angle.
Maybe it is time to live more and not spend my time in giving so much to the world.
Maybe I should stop washing the knowledge of millennia down the drain to flow onto barren soil to be trampled into mud.
Maybe I should just stop writing as it takes so much time and writing is globally not seen as an independent financial sustainable endeavor in any case.

Life is different now. You write an educational book and build a living around it through seminars and everything else you can think of, giving or selling the book as an after-thought.
It is no longer advisable to write a book and expecting to make a living from it, allowing the book to be the tool, the purpose for which you had written it.

If I should give seminars and teachings about the content in my books, would people be interested and compensate me for my time to learn what they can from an entertaining book at the cost of less than a Starbucks coffee?

Have I then wasted years of my life since being returned from death's door because of concentrating on writing The Chronicles of Han, the books about my past lives and all the knowledge of Creation revealed in narrative form?
Many a day I do feel that my family has sacrificed so much for me to write these books that I feel guilty about spending so many hours on the books, yet they assure me that I have not wasted this time.

I have left a legacy for my children and assisted thousands of individuals due to being here, telling my story, writing and publishing the books.

Thus this is a stalemate.

The books are entertaining education. In that order. Something people want, but most do not want to put in the effort to read it either.

It would be nice to write because your cup floweth over with life and not because you wish to make an honest living from your art or craftsmanship, or because you are following your destiny.

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Hanuman-te Meditation Bismuth and Agates and other Crystals for Sale


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Rant: Reflections on Blogs Google and Search Engine Bots

Reflections on Blogs Google and Search Engine Bots

Jays, I'm ranting a lot lately.

Sooooo, just learnt that Google is not interested in showing 'new' blogs due to 'established ones with great and useful content' getting preference to those who are rather empty and bland.

Even though I would like to split the information as this blog has become a heavy item to negotiate, my visibility will be reduced to zero on the new blogs and this is the last thing I wish to have, a lack of being seen in searches.

So what to do?
Double up on content or just refer clients to the correct blog posts?

Content sharing is not advised either, so a reference might be in order to steer readers of different interests to the correct blog posts. I hope.

Closing of Google+
With Google + closing down, this is just compounding the situation as many of my posts are on G+, as well as my photos and items for sale. This will all fall into oblivion as soon as G+ is closed.
This is the very reason I have created new blogs to preserve this information without having to send clients to my extensive website as well.

Be Seen to be Found
This does feel like triple work when one wish to be seen without using the 'normal' (paid) channels.
I am well aware that the bots only crawl my website once in a while thus need these extensions of myself to connect with the world. A single website is not cutting it any longer, yet one needs a stable platform to return to that contains all the information in case of the 'Big Players' (Like Google+) suddenly deciding that the only way to win, is not to play.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Blog: Journeys of a Psychic

New Journeys of a Psychic Blog

In 2012, the original name for the series, Han Storm, Journeys of a Psychic, The Chronicles of Han, had been renamed to only The Chronicles of Han for marketing purposes. (More upon that adventure here) 

After ten years of experimentation, the conclusion is that no matter what I do, my work is still going to be seen as research into psychic phenomenon and can not be hidden indefinitely in the science fiction and fantasy section.

Most of my readers do appreciate the fact that the new book covers are a disguise and can be left proudly on their bookshelves or read in public without anyone asking difficult questions.

To those who are not initiates, The Chronicles of Han is just that, enjoyable adventurous stories.
To those who get to know me through the books, these are the Journeys of a Psychic, my personal real life, past life events, captured in a format to be enjoyed by others while they learn secrets of life and life beyond death without consciously having to study it.

As to the content of the Blog, I'm capturing my Google+ posts onto my two Blogs to preserve them as many have not been placed on my website. The reddish background is also a reminder of G+. I have not yet made a decision to move somewhere else and might just stay with blogs for a while.

Blog - Journeys of a Psychic 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Adventures in taking down 'stuff' from the WWW - Caution: Adult content and strong language - not intended for snowflakes

Adventures in taking down 'stuff' from the WWW

Caution: Adult content and strong language NOT suitable for higher vibrations and snowflakes

Yes, indeed. It feels like I'm in World War 10.666.

Never could I have envisioned, imagined, manifested, you name it, whatever catches your fancy, that 'taking down' a few images and 'cleaning up' the website would amount to such a ridiculous, well, shall we call it an . . . ADVENTURE.

People seek adventure, where some shy away from it. Believe me, I truly do not need this type of adventure in my life.

As a tiny company, not even a blimp on a map, we surely drew huge attention from numerous avenues . . . unfortunately not from the people who we wished to reach, our intended 'target market'.

What a total surprise to find that what you see and agreed to on the World Wide Web can be taken, distorted, misrepresented, stolen, and downright pornographed at free will from anyone who has a bit of tech savvy.

Yes. This is one of those odd ball blogs. Those Unicorn blogs where I rant about the unfairness uniqueness of life and how innocent naive, well-meaning people are screwed - on the WWW by whomever can make a buck out of the prostitution.

I have been battling with numerous 3rd parties to remove illicit content from their servers, remove outdated and previously deleted images, to take down private information. It is a struggle when you realize the WWW is as Wild as the West has once been and Google and the other Big Guns only have control over the Law Abiding Citizens. The rest is a free for all.

Plagiarism, abuse and misuse of content are at the order of the day. You see, the rules only apply to the legal players, those who adhere to the agreed upon conduct and just wish to get by honestly in life.

For all those neurotic people out there, the golden rule of Surfing the Net is to regularly search for yourself, your content and your information and see what comes up.

Unfortunately, not all content will be seen from a specific country, so if you do have a trusted friend in another country, ask them to have a regular search party as well.

Better safe than being pimped.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Google Plus shut down - Opinion Piece - The Chronicles of Han Book Series

"Change is the only Constant"

When public blog forums disband and social media sites close down, the disruption of the communities in these places are as devastating as natural disasters or other human displacement situations.

The knock-on effect is not just the mental loss or digital shortage, because to some individuals these platforms are their lifelines or daily bread.

Yes, it is great when you are advised to find another forum, preventing the devastation of just summarily having your work wiped in one instant. I've lived through the blog.24 shut down and had to re-do all the blogs for the readers who were interested on another platform. When this new blog was hacked and destroyed, I placed the blogs on my website and published it in booklet form.

The end result of these constant migrations and 'e-volvement' is that the people who make a living through using these public platforms constantly have to re-invent themselves.
Life change.
Companies close all the time while sections of the internet stop working.
That is life. Get over it!

Or so I'm being told.
For most individuals this is a great opportunity to start fresh somewhere else.
Others just look at the whole internet and social media 'thing' and decide "what is the point?" shutting down and finding other interests, like reading proper paper books, never mind if they are dogeared and yellowed with age from the second hand bookstore. At least you own the book and do not rent it into perpetuity. This might start a new era in the printed word.

Half of my readers are pensioners. Most are devastated by this news as they had spent a significant portion of their time enjoying interactions in Google Plus as the opposition in blue just do not satisfy their needs.
Most are not interested in migrating or learning new programs. Any change Google had made to Google Plus had been a crisis in any case and I'm finding a disconcerting scenario of "I'm too old for this . . ."

So what is left when the forums and social media fail?

The original chat groups? Privately owned Blogs and email lists? Half-hearted efforts of starting new social media concepts that may or may not collapse within a year?

Will this not set us back to the start of internet? Or might this mean a total revamp of how authors and readers interact again? It is not as if the other platforms are geared up to be able to do what G+ could.

I guess, as with everything else in life, only time will tell what happens.

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