Monday, 3 July 2017

Chronicles of Han #Feedback - Courage

Email received 1 July 2017 from UK reader

Courage Needed -

Hi, Han

Thank you for Saving Leilaka. I really enjoyed the book. It taught me a lot of new things, as well as discussing subjects I really wished to know about but never found the answers to. Now I know.

Although I rave about your books and recommend the series to fellow interested people, I have unfortunately found that in order to read your books, one needs courage, perseverance, and the intent and willingness to change.

Now how did I reach this conclusion? I refer readers to your free chapters, following up when I see them again. Many stated that the books were not exactly what they envisioned, while some admitted that they were uncomfortable with the subject matter, even though it is a good story.

At other times an individual would thank me for introducing them to your series. I sincerely hope they purchased your books.

Please keep on writing. There are many out there loving your books and enjoying them. This Old Timer surely does.

Yours Sincerely

Fred Connely
Email received 01.07.2017 from UK reader

Originally Blogged: 02.07.2016

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