Saturday, 21 December 2019

Chicken Therapy with Therapy Chickens

Chicken Therapy with Therapy Chickens

Since having chickens I had to adjust to a more 'life just is' attitude. I did not expect the results of becoming a chicken person, but it seems as if the chickens are assisting me in becoming a happier person, keeping me grounded and focused on what I need to do, not just for them, but in effect for my family and my life as well.

What I find the most interesting of the chickens are their absolute sense of immediate joy in life, misery when they are unhappy, their gratefulness when they receive something from me, or their excitement when they find something extraordinary like a fat earthworm, screaming gleefully so the rest of the flock may know about it and the tag race is on!

They also teach about death and that sometimes death comes suddenly and unexpectedly, or sometimes a body just can not survive the rigours of life and gives out. And you watch and can do absolutely nothing but give as much love as you can in those final moments of a preme or a late hatcher with underdeveloped internal organs, a weak heart, or shock.

This includes hatching. Some eggs start out well but suddenly stop developing in the second or third week. Life just gives up. Creating a new body was not to be.

And then the miracle of hatching, which I find fascinating. The little wet bodies turning into balls of fluff, full of life and joy, each one with their own personality, from the first few hours.
No matter how many chicks I've held in my hand, I keep on marvelling at the creation of life.

Yes, I guess I've become a chickenholic. Wiser, more fun-filled, happier, and definitely having a lot more love to share with the world.

Han Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Chronicles of Han at the Artisan Market in Spanish Lookout

We had a lovely day at the Artisan Market BZ in Spanish Lookout on Saturday, 14 December 2019.

Chronicles of Han Storm fan Marvin McCarthy and author H Gibson at the Artisan Market in Spanish Lookout this Saturday.
Marvin stated: "I had a serious problem with your warning about sleep deprivation. You see, I need my sleep!"
Author H Gibson with #PreservingCreata fan and photographic artist, Sheila Caim at the Artisan Market BZ in Spanish Lookout on Saturday.
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Meeting a Belizean Legend

Meeting a Belizean Legend 

I'm ecstatic to finally have been able to meet Dr Rosita Arvigo from the Arvigo Institute. Rosita Arvigo was a devoted student of Don Elijio Panti. I was privileged to meet Rosario Panti last year. These are wonderful people preserving the knowledge of Belizean medicinal plants.

A list of Dr Arvigo's most loved books can be found on Goodreads

"As I'm currently on a personal journey in Belize, as an author, healer and herbalist, having met with one of Don Panti's daughters, the Shaman Rosario Panti, it seemed like destiny or fate to walk back into my apartment and on the shelf lay "Sastun" as if left just for me to find and experience some of Don Panti's life." H Gibson, 26 April 2018

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Thursday, 5 December 2019

6 hour read

Living a Multidimensional Life, the autobiography of author, H Gibson, covers the NDEs (Near Death Experiences), Life Review, impact, and recovery process from Third Degree Burns to 35% of the author's body.

This book is meant be a stand-alone to be enjoyed independently while complementing the current Chronicles of Han past life book series.

A short, 6 hour read to stay on topic of the accident, hospitalization and recovery process. If you love true survival stories, this is a must read.