Saturday, 21 December 2019

Chicken Therapy with Therapy Chickens

Chicken Therapy with Therapy Chickens

Since having chickens I had to adjust to a more 'life just is' attitude. I did not expect the results of becoming a chicken person, but it seems as if the chickens are assisting me in becoming a happier person, keeping me grounded and focused on what I need to do, not just for them, but in effect for my family and my life as well.

What I find the most interesting of the chickens are their absolute sense of immediate joy in life, misery when they are unhappy, their gratefulness when they receive something from me, or their excitement when they find something extraordinary like a fat earthworm, screaming gleefully so the rest of the flock may know about it and the tag race is on!

They also teach about death and that sometimes death comes suddenly and unexpectedly, or sometimes a body just can not survive the rigours of life and gives out. And you watch and can do absolutely nothing but give as much love as you can in those final moments of a preme or a late hatcher with underdeveloped internal organs, a weak heart, or shock.

This includes hatching. Some eggs start out well but suddenly stop developing in the second or third week. Life just gives up. Creating a new body was not to be.

And then the miracle of hatching, which I find fascinating. The little wet bodies turning into balls of fluff, full of life and joy, each one with their own personality, from the first few hours.
No matter how many chicks I've held in my hand, I keep on marvelling at the creation of life.

Yes, I guess I've become a chickenholic. Wiser, more fun-filled, happier, and definitely having a lot more love to share with the world.

Han Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han

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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Chronicles of Han at the Artisan Market in Spanish Lookout

We had a lovely day at the Artisan Market BZ in Spanish Lookout on Saturday, 14 December 2019.

Chronicles of Han Storm fan Marvin McCarthy and author H Gibson at the Artisan Market in Spanish Lookout this Saturday.
Marvin stated: "I had a serious problem with your warning about sleep deprivation. You see, I need my sleep!"
Author H Gibson with #PreservingCreata fan and photographic artist, Sheila Caim at the Artisan Market BZ in Spanish Lookout on Saturday.
Find Sheila's work at

For more information visit

Meeting a Belizean Legend

Meeting a Belizean Legend 

I'm ecstatic to finally have been able to meet Dr Rosita Arvigo from the Arvigo Institute. Rosita Arvigo was a devoted student of Don Elijio Panti. I was privileged to meet Rosario Panti last year. These are wonderful people preserving the knowledge of Belizean medicinal plants.

A list of Dr Arvigo's most loved books can be found on Goodreads

"As I'm currently on a personal journey in Belize, as an author, healer and herbalist, having met with one of Don Panti's daughters, the Shaman Rosario Panti, it seemed like destiny or fate to walk back into my apartment and on the shelf lay "Sastun" as if left just for me to find and experience some of Don Panti's life." H Gibson, 26 April 2018

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Thursday, 5 December 2019

6 hour read

Living a Multidimensional Life, the autobiography of author, H Gibson, covers the NDEs (Near Death Experiences), Life Review, impact, and recovery process from Third Degree Burns to 35% of the author's body.

This book is meant be a stand-alone to be enjoyed independently while complementing the current Chronicles of Han past life book series.

A short, 6 hour read to stay on topic of the accident, hospitalization and recovery process. If you love true survival stories, this is a must read.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Free books - Preserving Creata - Part 3 - Progress

Complementary Copy of Part 3, Preserving Creata, Progress

Part 3 of The Chronicles of Han, Creata adventure. Han Storm returns to New Haven to wrap up the challenge with his enemy in a unique fashion. The three colleagues, Daniel Racewater, Panam Ridgeback and Han Storm start their new career as Security Force Investigators, inadvertently being placed on the path of Destiny in assisting their Planet. 

Please find copies on Smashwords or email the author for a copy

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Chronicles of Han Storm: Review - Remarkably Resonant of Dr Strange

Feedback Review on The Chronicles of Han Storm book series.

Preserving Creata received the following opinion from a satisfied reader:
"Finished your first book. Well done. Looks like a movie. Have you seen the movie Dr. Strange? It's remarkably resonant."

Hmm. Interesting observation.

For complementary copies and extensive excerpts, visit

More about Preserving Creata

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Past Life Recollection: Making amends, forgiving yourself, moving on

Excerpt from 'Negotiating Limier'

Sadness overcome me as I thought about the betrayal of a loyal friend, the unfairness of life, the grand scheme of things, and how little people knew what really went on behind the scenes of Creation.

    What the reasons were for what happened to us, why it happened in those specific ways.

    The tears spilt uncontrollably from my eyes, running in rivulets down my cheeks to drip onto my chest and into the towel wrapped around my waist.         

    This was one of those lifetimes I had been devastated by.

    I did all I had to do. I played my role to the best of my ability. I gave an outstanding performance . . .

    . . . My Emperor had but one goal in life. Climb the ladder of Ruler of his world as fast as possible.

    Kill all who oppose him or stood in his way.

    That was his motto and as I blessed his raids for success and granted good weather with my elemental skills, my own fame spread to rival that of my Master.

    As our reign increased, I was shown how to accumulate wealth, followers, and to become cocky in my own appearance of wanting power, right down to be seen as greedy and unreasonable.

    Although my Emperor was warned by his family and close companions of my obvious thirst for power and riches, he did not want to listen to them, stating that a man of the Spirit could surely not be corrupted. In his eyes, I was the Most Heavenly Messenger of god.

    His absolute trust in me broke my heart, but I kept up pretences, became insolent towards the Emperor's family members, took boons for myself to agitate him to come to his senses and see that he could not go about slaying people while his own Kingdom was under threat, by his most trusted advisor, by me.

    It took the stroke, and eventual death of his mother to bring him to his senses. To bring him to me where I sat, waiting for him in my gilded tent.

    Eventually he came, his rage under careful control, his plans worked out to catch this unholy shaman off guard.

    Putting surprise on my face at his visit, I buried the fear and heartache of what I knew was coming.

    A duel was proclaimed between his brother and me to finally resolve our issues.

    As I left my dwelling, guards grabbed me, bound and gagged me.

    One lifted me off my feet, dropping me onto his knee, the excruciating pain making me black out.

    I woke a while later, writhing in pain from my broken back, hearing how the Emperor addressed the crowd that had gathered.

    "This beloved of Heaven had lost his way, forcing the gods to choose between us. I have broken his power. The gods have chosen."

    My Emperor pointed at me. "It is my decree that he dies alone, in the worst of agony." Turning to his guard he ordered them to cover me with a canvas so I would perish in solitude and would not be able to look up into Heaven to find any solace at all . . .


    Even at the end, after all I had done to him, he showed me mercy. He could just as well have me impaled and staked out for everyone to spit on, as he had done so many times with his enemies.

    I thought it kind that he bestowed this last act of decency upon my body-consciousness, to hide my shame from the public and to give me the opportunity to leave my body in peace.

    Of course history is told from different viewpoints and every story has many sides. The name I was called in that lifetime would forever be remembered as that of the ambitious, greedy, jealous shaman.

    But did my ultimate sacrifice make a difference in the lives of ordinary people?

    I wished to think so.

    The lesson was learnt. The message received loud and clear. You could not trust anyone, especially not the messengers of gods.

    You had to find your own way, you had to take responsibility for your own life. You could not put it in the hands of others who supposedly knew more than you did, by divine intervention.

    Yes, you could listen to their advice, but you had to follow your own heart, listen to your higher self when you felt things were incorrect.

    This little episode did give a better outcome for the conquered nations. They were taxed instead of killed outright.

    The Emperor found other advisors who assisted him to keep his empire for as long as his natural life lasted.

    In some small way, I felt that my brief suffering had been the change this individual had needed.

    This was not the first Emperor I had served.

    I felt sure it would not be my last.

    Lifetimes changed.

    Some life adventures were primitive.

    Some were experienced in advanced civilizations.

    I could not say that I did not appreciate the primitive adventures. They had their perks. But, heck, the advanced ones were a lot easier to live.

Han Storm: The Chronicles of Han, Negotiating Limïer, Creata Adventure, Part 12. Copyright © H Gibson 2009-2019

Friday, 27 September 2019

3rd Degree Burns lead to more than 2 million words of published content, The Chronicles of Han by H Gibson

Coming out of the NDE 'closet' in many ways liberates one. It also creates a different type of life than what you originally envisioned. With following the instructions I had during my major NDEs, it had changed our lives irrevocably.
"Past Life Memories Revealed

The Chronicles of Han bring people a glimpse into other ways of being, other ways of experiencing.

A lot of people that read The Chronicles of Han come back to me, stating that they are familiar with some of the content within the books and that the interaction between life in physical and spiritual form suddenly make a lot more sense.

It was not my original intention to allow people to grow and heal through reading The Chronicles of Han. I started to write the books to heal myself. By simply retelling my lives from so long ago, they exploded into proper books. My husband and a host of fans cannot wait to read the rest of my retellings, finding it extremely exciting narratives.

The Chronicles of Han depicts my journey in growing into who I am at the moment.

All I can say is that I am more content now than ever before upon a physical world, knowing that when I leave, no physical experience that happened here is of importance, only the emotional experiences and how I have chosen to deal with it.

I can only write from my own individual experiences. Experiences that seem to be incredulous, yet it is healing so many Soul-Spirits on Earth.

Han Gibson, 2011"

You can read more about my books on my website.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chicken Love
Training Chickens and Photo Shoots

Chickens are incredibly intelligent birds once the fear of a person had been replaced with trust.
When your chickens trust you, they will come to you for cuddles, seeing you as their human, thus training is done by playing with them.

This is the event that happened this morning, spontaneously, without pre-arrange input from me. I was fortunate to be able to share this bit of magic in my life with readers. It is an amazing feeling to know these chicks trust you so much as to want to be around you.

These chicks are 5 weeks old.

I welcome inquiries to come and visit and play with my therapy chickens. You will not be disappointed.
Copyright © 2009-2019 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

Cinnabun is one of the most inquisitive birds I had thus far, demanding cuddles whenever I'm around.

"Us too!"
Hmm. What is going on here? The others are occupying the chair?

"Okay, let us then line up."

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Latest releases of Chronicles of Han Storm: Living a Multidimensional Life and Sovereign Dohr

Chronicles of Han Storm: Living a Multidimensional Life and Sovereign Dohr, Part 11, Creata Adventure

Latest releases of Chronicles of Han Storm: Living a Multidimensional Life and Sovereign Dohr

My latest releases looking good in print. 

Living a Multidimensional Life is my authobiography about my Near Death/Death Experience, my Life Review at the time and how I was shown how my Soul-life fits into my incarnation. It also covers the recovery from Third Degree Burns and the adventures I experienced in ICU including meeting a South African celebrity. 

Sovereign Dohr is the eleventh installment of the Creata series, covering the adventure on the planet called Dohr, describing Han's continued change into Navigator for his beloved Creatan people.

For more information or to purchase direct with PayPal, visit the pages for the books on this blog or go to

All the Chronicles of Han currently in print.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Chronicles of Han Storm: Feedback - Divine Right Purpose

"The more charts I create and read, the more I'm learning about the choices and how I've always been living my Divine Right Purpose - that I've been reawakening to the immense-ness of who I am as a multi-versal being. Thank you for being part of my Re-Membering!" Xxxx Angela Red River - July 2019

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Back Yard Chickens - enjoying the babies - Maggie's first batch of eleven live chicks

Chicken Little was rejected by his mom and had to be hand reared. He quickly turned into a great, intelligent little chicken even though he could not stand after hatching. Here he is sleeping in my lap while I'm trying to work on the laptop.

Chicken Little preferred to sleep on his back until he could sit up. Egor did not grow feathers until much later and mom kept pecking him, thus he joined Chicken Little as a companion.

Egor and Chicken Little, two happy chickies a few days later. Lots of work, lots of love and lots of joy.

Chicken Little, not so little any more. Egor is growing feathers. In my daughter's hands is Pudding, not part of the batch, just a random egg placed under Maggie. Pudding loved his mom but had deformed feet, thus could not keep up with the little flock and was reared by hand. His feet are now strong and fine and he turned into a feisty little chicken. 

Time will tell how their lives pan out. Right now they are just enjoying being much-loved free-range chicken pets.

Back Yard Chickens - by Author, H Gibson

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Upon Feathered Dragons and Chicken Meditations

Upon Feathered Dragons and Chicken Meditations
Article by Author H Gibson, The Chronicles of Han.

What appeals to me most about chickens are that they remind me of feathered dragons.
Each one has a personality with a fierceness for survival just under the surface.

This is little Luna. She refuses to grow and her brothers and sisters are twice her size.
Luna decided she wished to join me in my meditation sessions, calmly taking a position best suited to the situation.

This is not by co-incidence but every time I settle down to meditate, resulting in extremely calming sessions.

I'm just glad she is a little chicken.

Anyone interested to come and experience my chicken meditation sessions welcome to visit by appointment. Contact me via email from my website 

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Adventures of Duke the Dog - Moma Cat introducing the kittens

One day Moma-cat suddenly disappeared with strange noises coming from the room where she had gone into.

Late that evening, the Boss allowed me to visit her. She was cuddling three new critters, so small my heart melted.

I licked Moma, congratulating her on our beautiful babies. Moma allowed me to sniff at them but not touch them otherwise.

Copyright © 2009-2019 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Adventures of Duke the Cattle Dog - HF stands for 'Human Food'

HF - Human Food

I never had human food before coming to my new family.
I did not know that what they eat can be so absolutely delicious.
My first encounter was what they call 'bread'.
Bread comes in flat pieces, balls, crumbs, rolls, and huge heavy loaves. All delicious. Sometimes a bit sour. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes salty.
I savour every bit of human food I get.
Mom says she 'trains' me with these tidbits, but I feel that I actually teach her. I do things and she puts words with it. Then we agree that this action is going to be called something and when she asks me to do it, I do it.
When we correlate and understand each other, she gives me human food. She refers to it as a 'reward'.
I could not care much, as long as I get the bit of food.
The only human food I eat with a bit of resistance is what they call 'vegetables'. I am never sure about the green, juicy, leafy things.
I am not allowed to eat the plants outside as this is called 'garden', but then they give me 'vegetables'. Very confusing.

Duke is owned by Author, H Gibson,
Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Adventures of Duke the Cattle Dog - Hello Mama-Cat

Hello Mama-Cat

Wow! Hold on!

What have we here?

I have not encountered anything like you before.


Do not come close.

But over the porch she walks. Confident, determined, with a firm step, her belly bulging from side to side.

Oh. Hallo!

I actually like you.

She purrs and rubs up against me and I do not know what to do.

She goes over and drank my water and ate my food.

I allowed her to.

My Mom seems pleased and I am happy when she is delighted.

She calls this creature Mama-Cat, inviting her into our home.

Mama-Cat can come and go as she pleases.

She stays with us through the day and goes away at night.

I wait for her in the morning to return to us and am so happy when I see her, I just wish to eat all of her, but end up slobbering all over her instead.

You see, I do not eat friends.
Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019
Duke and Deebasri is owned by the Gibson Family. 

Saturday, 11 May 2019

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Thursday, 2 May 2019

#DailyGrind #Rant Google Chrome Bias - SSL - HTTPS

RANT - Google Chrome Bias - SSL - HTTPS

And . . . another money making spinner for the website designers, hosts, etc, because the Great G has implemented some more bias against older and private websites.

Not every website holder has the savvy or financial backing to redesign their website every time G implements a change.

I've witnessed this through the years. Whether or not you have the little lock, the tick, the httpS or whatever, it does not make a hoot's difference to real website security or in being 'shown' organically in searches. Good Scam sites have these 'new security' provisions implemented as well and comes over as 100% legit.

Everyone who can make money off the internet seems to want a cut into each and every website. Ca-Ching! is god to G and most of the WWW.

Thus, if you wish to visit my websites, marked by Chrome as "Not Secure" please note they are old, stable, labled not 'so pretty' by designers, and not going to be revamped in any case,
please do so and be sure you are quite safe.

All the pretty little apps, twinkling stars, moving gifs and other gadgets had been deactivated, and only secure 3rd party payment options are supplied for orders while most clients order via private contact in any case.

H Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han
Originator, Rejuvinit Beauty and Skincare Products

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Google + Closing Down

Google + closed

To all my friends, readers and fans who where with me on Google + throughout the years it lasted, a huge thank you for the great time. I will miss our easy interactions.


Han Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

777 Universal Messages

Universal Messages can be found everywhere, including on social media. This appeared pertinently on my screen on Equinox 20 March 2019  - Message of 777

This Crop Circle happened at Stonehenge 7.7.2016 or 777

The Original Print version of Preserving Ceata is 777 pages.

Adventures of Duke the Dog - My People Family

This is my human mom. I am very gentle around her. She is also The Boss of this household and when she speaks, everyone listens . . .  except me.

I mostly do not listen when she calls me back from following an interesting scent.

Here I am on Dad's lap. He is strong and fun and plays ball and rough-and-tumble. I like playing with him. He is also scary when he comes to find me when I do not return when called. He then points to home and I run as fast as I can to get home. His temper is short-lived and by the time I'm finished with my routine of being cute, he is all smiles and forgiveness.

These are my mom's children. I love them dearly and just wish to be with them all the time. I panic when my family members are split up between their activities and I visit them one at a time to make sure they are okay.

At night when they are all herded into the house and the door closed securely, I lay in front of the door, guarding so none of them would escape from me during the night.

Duke is owned by H Gibson, author of The Chronicles of Han Book Series
Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Adventures of Duke the Dog - Introduction

Adventures of Duke the Dog - Introduction

Hi. My name is Duke. I'm an Australian Cattle Dog. 
In the country where I stay, they call my kind 'Blue Heelers'.

My name used to be Dirk, but my mom decided to change it as she did not particularly liked 'Dirk'. Apparently that is still the name on my 'papers'. 

As you can see, I do not have a tail. I do not have recollection about the event but my first Boss told my mom that I broke it at birth and the vet had to remove it. 

I'm sitting in the top corner
I was shunned a bit and was not picked by the people who came to collect my brothers and sisters.

Being without a tail is not easy when part of a pack where all the other members have tails.
Many weeks went by and when another litter of half brothers and sisters was born my father started punishing me for the slightest paw set wrong.

My swollen face

This did not sit well with The Boss' wife and one afternoon, after a massive snap to my face from my father, I was placed into a carry box in the back of the truck.

We drove a long way to get to another place where unfamiliar women helped to remove me from the box.

They seemed delighted and so did The Boss and his wife.
This is where The Boss left me and, as they drove away, I suddenly realized I had my own family, all to myself!

After my bath and Axhilirit HO Healing Oil applied to my wounds
First my new mom gave me a bath, then food and cuddles and hugs and lavished kisses all over me. Boy, do I just love all this attention.

Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019
Duke is owned by H Gibson, Author of The Chronicles of Han book series.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Chronicles of Han Free ebooks (Preserving Creata Part 1 and Part 2)



These first two Chronicles of Han Storm books are currently available as complementary copies from Smashwords. No need to subscribe, just download and enjoy.

Kind regards

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Saturday, 23 February 2019

"What you remember forever" - excerpt from NDE autobiography 'Living a Multidimensional Life' by H Gibson

"What you remember forever"

It seems that one phrase truly jumped out for most readers of my #NDE #Autobiography 'Living a Multidimensional Life'.

"Your Biography was truly an interesting read. What is the most strange thing about it, is the things that we experienced are so similar! It fall though in different time frames, but yet, the experiences are basically the same.

Your statement that we remember certain things in life more vivid than others is because we make an emotional connection to it. In your words - that is the memories that will stay with us forever, or until we allow it not to be an issue any longer.

We have to release the emotional connection to the recorded memory in our Soul. 

With this you educated me about one aspect in my life that was bothering me.
But the thing that made me write a 9 page self examination about my childhood, was what you said about "release the emotional connection to the recorded memory in your soul."

- Sonette Bosh

To read more visit