Wednesday, 20 March 2019

777 Universal Messages

Universal Messages can be found everywhere, including on social media. This appeared pertinently on my screen on Equinox 20 March 2019  - Message of 777

This Crop Circle happened at Stonehenge 7.7.2016 or 777

The Original Print version of Preserving Ceata is 777 pages.

Adventures of Duke the Dog - My People Family

This is my human mom. I am very gentle around her. She is also The Boss of this household and when she speaks, everyone listens . . .  except me.

I mostly do not listen when she calls me back from following an interesting scent.

Here I am on Dad's lap. He is strong and fun and plays ball and rough-and-tumble. I like playing with him. He is also scary when he comes to find me when I do not return when called. He then points to home and I run as fast as I can to get home. His temper is short-lived and by the time I'm finished with my routine of being cute, he is all smiles and forgiveness.

These are my mom's children. I love them dearly and just wish to be with them all the time. I panic when my family members are split up between their activities and I visit them one at a time to make sure they are okay.

At night when they are all herded into the house and the door closed securely, I lay in front of the door, guarding so none of them would escape from me during the night.

Duke is owned by H Gibson, author of The Chronicles of Han Book Series
Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Adventures of Duke the Dog - Introduction

Adventures of Duke the Dog - Introduction

Hi. My name is Duke. I'm an Australian Cattle Dog. 
In the country where I stay, they call my kind 'Blue Heelers'.

My name used to be Dirk, but my mom decided to change it as she did not particularly liked 'Dirk'. Apparently that is still the name on my 'papers'. 

As you can see, I do not have a tail. I do not have recollection about the event but my first Boss told my mom that I broke it at birth and the vet had to remove it. 

I'm sitting in the top corner
I was shunned a bit and was not picked by the people who came to collect my brothers and sisters.

Being without a tail is not easy when part of a pack where all the other members have tails.
Many weeks went by and when another litter of half brothers and sisters was born my father started punishing me for the slightest paw set wrong.

My swollen face

This did not sit well with The Boss' wife and one afternoon, after a massive snap to my face from my father, I was placed into a carry box in the back of the truck.

We drove a long way to get to another place where unfamiliar women helped to remove me from the box.

They seemed delighted and so did The Boss and his wife.
This is where The Boss left me and, as they drove away, I suddenly realized I had my own family, all to myself!

After my bath and Axhilirit HO Healing Oil applied to my wounds
First my new mom gave me a bath, then food and cuddles and hugs and lavished kisses all over me. Boy, do I just love all this attention.

Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2019
Duke is owned by H Gibson, Author of The Chronicles of Han book series.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

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