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Living a Multidimensional Life, The NDE and Life Review of H Gibson, Author of Chronicles of Han Storm


Living a Multidimensional Life, The NDE and Life Review of H Gibson, Author of Chronicles of Han Storm

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 How many times do I need to die in order to learn to live?     
  I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .

*** Foreword ***

    "Clear!" the ER doctor warned where I hovered in spirit form above the bed, watching them struggle with the blackened corpse, attempting to attach an IV into the shoulder.
    The electric shock of the defibrillator sucked me right back into my body.
    Awareness of their struggle around me made me moan in agony of being re-incarcerated into the worthless flesh.
    "We have you, do not worry, stay with us," Dr Ching encouraged, watching me, a mask covering his face.
    They had managed to secure the IV, Dr Kozaczynski stitching it in place not to be dislodged.
    'How fortunate I am to be surrounded by familiar people.'
    A random, out of place thought. It was not so bad to go through such a disaster while tended to by people you knew.
    Closing my eyes, I let everything go, slipping out of my body, briefly glancing back where the doctors were debating about amputating my fingers; whether or not I had sustained inhalation burns.
    Ronald was not there. My lifeline was not at my side as he always was.
    "Vitals dropping!" someone stated while the doctors scrambled to attend to the dying body.
    *Come, Han,* Sensaii beckoned.
    Listening to my lifelong spirit friend, I thought of The Land Beyond. There was nothing I wanted to do for my body. It was time to go home . . .
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H Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Chronicles of Han Storm on Amazon

The Chronicles of Han Storm - Amazon

Due to many enquiries on "Is The Chronicles of Han available from Amazon, Nook, Lulu, etc."

Regrettably, due to personal beliefs and early on issues with this particular platform, and later with other unscrupulous platforms, my books are not available through Amazon or any other publishing house except directly from the Author.
Please purchase directly using PayPal, our bank account, or cash payments.
Feel free to contact me for further information or assistance.

Kind Regards
Han Gibson, Author, The Chronicles of Han

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