Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Mother's Sacrifice

A mother's sacrifice

Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories

       Carol came to visit me in the middle of the week. She had borrowed my notes on the 5th Dimension, Astral Planes and what is commonly referred to as 'Heaven'. She was distressed as she was supposed to be giving a talk on the subject over the weekend, but was currently very sick with bronchitis and really not looking well.
       We talked about what we perceived as Heaven and how wonderful it was there. Then she mentioned that she felt sadness that her son would have to grow up without her, but that it would be for the best.
       I was not impressed with her 'final goodbye' and told her that there was still a chance that things could be different. But we both knew that it was not to be and we both knew that she was going Home soon.
       I felt so sad when she left, not mentioning our depressing conversation to anyone.

       Over the weekend I took the children to the beach near Carol's house. Afterwards, as per tradition, my partner asked if I wanted to go say hallo. I told him no, my Divine Support Team prevented me from doing so. It felt strange but I was forbidden to go see her. He said okay and we left for home.

       The next morning Carol's brother phoned to say she had passed away during the night due to an asthma attack. Her seven year old son found her this morning, alerting the rest of the household.
       It was devastating news to many, and I blamed myself for not going to see her the previous day.
       I was told by my Divine Support Team that if I had interfered, she would not have left for Home to continue her work in spiritual form from that side.
       Everything would be better now. Everything would work out now for her children. It was her sacrifice and she was happy to give it as she felt that she did not have anything to live for on this Earth any longer anyway.
       Her personal situation would never change, but she could bring great change into the lives of her children.
       Her husband soon re-married and both her children are content in their new house and circumstances.


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Conscious Awareness

Conscious Awareness

Excerpt: The Chronicles of Han Storm: Taming Encha

"      "Conscious Awareness. Being conscious is being aware of being aware."

      I could not help gaping at him and Tempodium laughed his short, sinister little laugh.

      It was funny and I laughed as well.

      "I know. I get that reaction every time with that explanation" he told me.    "

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

From the Book of the Dead: In memory of Robin Williams

From the Book of the Dead: In memory of Robin Williams
July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014

Excerpt from Chronicles of Han Storm, Leilaka:

"  We did not have enough material to wrap the bodies, so had to dispose of them as is. Using the horses to bring the bodies to the pyres, we laid the fallen out on the wood, their last resting places before being returned back to ashes.
   We all gathered around to hear Reif read from an ancient looking manuscript.

   "From the Book of the Dead:

I advise you to open your heart and remember
That which you truly are
There where you truly come from
There where your real place of existence is

Our true form is light and consciousness
Created a life-spark from the All-Consciousness
To be able to Manifest from Light
Into density and the illusion of Life

This privilege we gain
By the Grace of the All-Consciousness
Given Free-Will so we might entertain
Not only ourselves but the Cosmos as well

Live Life True and Fair
Use your Incarnation wisely
Accumulating Positive Experiences
For your Soul to Grow and Learn

And when your Allocated Time is up
Discard the flesh with joy
And Return Home to the Spirit Worlds
Through the Portal of Inviting Light

Do not give heed to the sorrow
Of those left behind
For they grieve not for you
But for themselves

The separation is but illusion
For in physical form most cannot see
The veil too thick
The vibrations too dense

Leave all this behind
For only a gracious play had been
This life the living still perceive as real

Your loved-ones await
To welcome you back
Into the arms of the Eternal Love."

   They bowed their heads and a few moments of silence followed, each person reflecting on his own life, his own path that he still needed to walk.
   Then, as one man, they took up the torches and lit the kindling in the pyres.   "


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