Monday, 28 July 2014



December 9, 2012 

Today I will put worry away and be at PEACE
As there is a divine reason for everything that happens to us.

Today I will put anger away and strive to LOVE
As anger destroys inner harmony. Seek out the reason for anger and release it.

Today I will RESPECT those that act as my teachers
As they possess knowledge I need to grow in all aspects.

As there is an unlimited supply of wealth and happiness on this plane of physical experiences.

Today I will SHOW GRATITUDE to all Life
As the Universal Life Force vibrates in all things animate and inanimate.


Monday, 21 July 2014

The Body is just a Vessel for the Soul-Spirit

The Body is just a Vessel for the Soul-Spirit

Excerpts from Han Storm: Chronicles of Han, Creata Trilogy, Taming Encha

“      Screaming with laughter, Moira answered that question for me.
     **You are so silly sometimes. Always suspicious of deception. Jade did not have the documents before she allowed herself to mother a child with you. Neither did she deceive you. No-one knew that I was going to have a sister before you left for Encha.**
     Thank goodness Jade did not follow this conversation, looking querying from me to Moira, annoyed that she was shut out from this telepathic exchange.
     *Thank you* I told both of them, pulling Jade nearer to the bed to acquaint myself with the new little light inside of her.
     **She does not acknowledge us, Daddy. She wants to experience from a more normal perspective, going it the hard, human way** Moira explained why I was not receiving an answer from this little light.
     *Oh!* I told Moira, puzzled about this.
     **You are so new to the ways of free-willed Soul-Spirits** Moira told me, exasperated.
     *Then enlighten me, O Wise One!* I teased.


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Friday, 18 July 2014

Recorded Interview with Han Storm Found

The Han Storm Files: First Official Interview with Han Storm Found

(Location: Duback, Base Zero)

   We have found the very first, official interview with Han Storm.

   The Journalist, Victoria Swift, and a crew from the Hew Haven News had been flown to the first opened planet, Duback, where we are currently stationed. As we did not receive permission to copy this recording, we can only give our readers a transcribed version of it.

    Please note that Rogge had decided to put her own descriptions in so readers might have a better idea how everything looked.

 Transcript done by Rogge Wints, VidNews Interplanetary:

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Guiding them Home: The Comfort of Religion

The Comfort of Religion

Link to Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: Guiding Them Home

       The day my mother and father went for a walk together, I knew something was terribly wrong. I suspected something for years anyway, as my mother did not want to live anymore. She was always telling me how miserable she was and that she felt that there was no alternative for her to get out of her circumstances except to die.


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