Monday, 21 July 2014

The Body is just a Vessel for the Soul-Spirit

The Body is just a Vessel for the Soul-Spirit

Excerpts from Han Storm: Chronicles of Han, Creata Trilogy, Taming Encha

“      Screaming with laughter, Moira answered that question for me.
     **You are so silly sometimes. Always suspicious of deception. Jade did not have the documents before she allowed herself to mother a child with you. Neither did she deceive you. No-one knew that I was going to have a sister before you left for Encha.**
     Thank goodness Jade did not follow this conversation, looking querying from me to Moira, annoyed that she was shut out from this telepathic exchange.
     *Thank you* I told both of them, pulling Jade nearer to the bed to acquaint myself with the new little light inside of her.
     **She does not acknowledge us, Daddy. She wants to experience from a more normal perspective, going it the hard, human way** Moira explained why I was not receiving an answer from this little light.
     *Oh!* I told Moira, puzzled about this.
     **You are so new to the ways of free-willed Soul-Spirits** Moira told me, exasperated.
     *Then enlighten me, O Wise One!* I teased.


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