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Beating Death - Guiding Them Home

Extract from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Short Stories: Guiding them home

Beating Death

       I watched the young mother where she was lying on her death-bed, readying herself to leave this life.
       I was here on request from a friend, to educate and hopefully be able to train this individual in the art of Astral Travel, or conscious out of body experiences.
       "Tell me what you experience when you leave your body, when you travel around as I have heard told of?" she wanted to know from me.
       "Why do you wish to know this? Why do you want to be trained in this experience? What purpose will this serve?" I asked.
       "If I can Astral Travel, I would have beaten Death, KNOWING that there is life beyond death and the Soul-Spirit is eternal. I would be able to give up this body and move on to different experiences without regret."
       She watched me expectantly.
       "You had been for Regression" I wanted to confirm.
       "Yes. What I had experienced in the hypnotherapy session was an unsatisfactory life where I was a woman without ambition or drive. I had no reason to work for I was provided for handsomely by my family and husband. It felt as if I just existed.
       And now I am feeling the same feeling as in that session. I have no reason to live. There is no challenge in my life at all.
       Still, I fear Death, even though I believe that there is life after Death."
                We started with her education . . .

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