Friday, 28 March 2014

Dragons are not horses

Dragons are not Horses!

Except from Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka:

   I dreamt of Huracan inside caves on the other side of the city, a minute's flying distance from Floverne.
   Sheltered in their catacombs, I recognized the area where I had been when Moira had hatched.
   A huge green dragon stood in the entrance of a cave, patiently waiting for other Huracan to wake up properly. Some grumbled, stretching in their caverns, some fell about, giddy from their long sleep.
   All were ravenously hungry.
   The huge dragon scuttled outside, into the snow. Picking up its head, it tested the air. The wind was blowing in from the City.
   Backing up a step, it extended itself forward and up, bellowing a challenge that could be felt within the air-currents . . . "


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Quote from Game of Thrones: Viserys Targaryen: The brave men did not kill dragons. The brave men rode them.
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