Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Selling Farting Rainbows and Unicorn Ghosts

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Selling Farting Rainbows and Unicorn Ghosts

A little bit of a laugh and a rant.

In a life where bull manure seems to sell for the highest price, I am seriously considering adjusting sales tactics to that of humoristic nonsensical narcissist, especially because it seems that people are . . . cautious . . . around me as an individual.

Maybe I should start showing them the real deep dark side of Creation. On the other hand, humour can become pretty dark too.

Will readers appreciate a less serious Han? One who jokes around about complicated issues of life and the afterlife?

Or should I rather just enjoy myself and fart on rainbows and ghost-ride unicorns?

I hope you enjoyed this piece of nonsensical psychedelically time-consuming broth. Maybe we can build at least one policeman from it.


Han Gibson
Author, The Chronicles of Han
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