Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Han Storm Files: Overwhelming Volumes

The Han Storm Files: Overwhelming Volumes

(Location: Duback, Portal City of Stelārşea) We have been flown via Toowin to visit the facility where the Han Storm files are located. Not being my first Portal Travel, I still stand amazed at the speed with which one arrives at another planet in a sister solar system.
   Leaving the mighty city of Stelārşea behind, we were taken by vehicle on a tour of a semi-arid world to a dome-shaped structure nestled securely in a valley out of sight of the Portal City.
   This facility seems to be a private museum to honour Creata's great hero.  

   Led by a very excited Professor McTee, we were shown the areas where Han Storm had been trained in his special gift of Teleportation. When we entered Han's private chambers it seemed as if time stood still and that Han would enter at any moment . . . 


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