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Han Storm's CV: Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Leilaka

Han Storm inadvertently presents his CV to a Leilakan Healer:

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Han Storm: Leilaka
"  "They call you Han, but that is not your real name, is it?" the Dwarf asked.
    I did not answer, finished tying my boots and sat down on the examination bed, allowing my gaze to run over the shelves of books that ran along the one wall.
    The Dwarf crossed his hands and placed them on the book in front of him.
    "Connor said you have strange dreams, speaking in languages they cannot understand."
    I nodded. It was a fact.
    One book drew my attention.
    I stood up and walked over to it.
    Touching the binding brought a tingle from my fingertips right down my arm.
    "You like books?" the dwarf inquired.
    "May I?" I asked, holding my arm steady, allowing the tingle to continue through my body, down to the rock floor.
    "Be my guest. It is an ancient book from the Elfes. No-one understands the language any longer, not even the Elfes."
    I took the book from the shelf, almost dropping it when a whisper ran through my body "*Do not fiddle with what will make things worse.*"
    I ignored the icy Shade, concentrating instead on the book. Sitting down on the hide that was spread on the floor, I traced the emblem on the leather binding. A seven-pointed star was enclosed in an upside down horse-shoe, the bottom arms of the shoe ensnared by a lazy eight lying on its side. Allowing the book to fall open at random, somewhere in the middle, I started reading to myself . . .  "

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