Monday, 9 January 2017

Saving Leilaka: Launch Date TBA #ChroniclesofHan

Saving Leilaka: Launch Date TBA

Saving Leilaka, Book 2 of The Chronicles of Han, Leilaka adventures soon to be published.

Keep an eye on social media for the launch date!

Saving Leilaka:
Han has to save Leilaka in order to save himself. For the first time in his existence, Han is presented with the choice to stay a servant-god, or become human.  Does Han have enough time to make such a soul-decision?  

Comments from Beta Readers:

"If Han Storm was a cult, Saving Leilaka would surely be the Holy Book."

"Fast, Furious and Fascinating! What a glorious ride!"

"Thank you for taking me on this journey! With every chapter I felt ever more refreshed, rejuvenated and so much more enthusiastic about life."

"I had a lump in my throat as I read the last few pages, realizing how involved I have become! I am there, present and living the story. I celebrate life and death, I rejoice in secrets revealed, I laugh, I cry, I am one of the characters present. I am not separate at all. It is beautiful!"

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