Monday, 10 April 2017

Leilaka Chapter 1 - The Chronicles of Han Storm Series - H Gibson - Author

LEILAKA Chapter 1

Han wakes up from Crio-sleep to find himself in the worst possible situation . . .

"There was nothing but incredible pain. Every breath I drew brought more pain to my body.


Breathe out.


Breathe out.

I moved my body to a more comfortable position. My left arm and leg were hanging free, a gentle breeze playing over them.

Come to think of it, the breeze was ruffling my hair.

Slowly rolling onto my side, I brought my limbs back towards my body.

Willing my eyes to open and see what was going on, I discovered that I was lying on a narrow ledge.

The movement brought new pains and my nose started to bleed.

Closing my eyes against the glare of sunlight, I managed to sit up, holding my ribs together with my left hand. My right hand did not want to respond.

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