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Chronicles of Han #Teachings - Astral Travel Preliminary Training

Chronicles of Han #Teachings - Astral Travel Preliminary Training

Han Storm starts his team off with the essentials in gaining the ability to Astral Travel.

Join Han in his adventures. The first 300 pages for free on and Wattpad.

Excerpt from Reclaiming Duback, The Chronicles of Han, Book 2, Page 420-435
      "Hi everyone" I greeted the crowd.
      Smiles and nervous giggles were the response.
      "I know this is quite new to you all" I informed them. "Very few people on Creata actually practice the art of separating consciousness, or as it is commonly known, Astral Travel.
      A lot of you will recognise this form of moving about in spirit as a very clear dream-state. Have any of you ever had the experience of floating around outside in the sunshine or moonshine? Or swimming under the sea without having to hold your breath?
      Have you ever dreamt so clearly that you knew that it was not a dream but your spirit walking freely, unattached to the body?
      Have you ever fallen right back into your body with a thud or a shudder directly after dropping off to sleep?"
      I received quite a few yes nods to these questions, including from Sparr, Slick and Racewater!
      "Then you all have the ability to consciously travel outside your bodies" I told them.
      A murmur filled the air as people settled down to that idea.
      Taking a marker, I drew a small stick man standing upright on the white plasticized display board. Around the stick figure, I drew the energetic layers as I saw them surrounding the human body.
      "These lines represents the energy-layers of the physical body, incorporating the energy-layers of the soul and spirit as I, and I am sure other energy workers, perceive when looking at someone with special sight.
      I know this is new and confusing information to some of you, but it is vitally important that you understand how we are put together energetically in order to split yourselves on a conscious level to bring that back which you need to. Just as I do."

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