Thursday, 20 March 2014

Reclaiming of Duback - Chapter One - Book 2 - Creata Trilogy

Han Storm:
The Chronicles of Han
Book 2

Part 8- Reclaiming of Duback

This chronicle is dedicated to Jade.

There are so many experiences one faces by oneself.
     These experiences are the hidden events that complete life in-between living within the physical. The little things that are not meant to be shared with physical entities. The secret happenings within your deepest Self.
     These are my experiences I did not originally want to share with this World.

I am Han, and this is my life-memory . . .

Part 8

Reclaiming of Duback

*** One ***        

        We stepped through the Portal into a tremendous snow storm.
        Jade's hand was ripped from my grasp and we skidded apart on the ice.
        Caught within the clutches of the wind, I was swept away from her.
        Tumbled into a cocoon of snow and ice, all reality of orientation disappeared within the freezing grip of the cold.
        Silence followed with sleepy warmth underneath the heavy covering of snow . . .


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