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Upon a dragon's love, other dimensions, elves, hunting and metaphysical upgrades

Upon a dragon's love, other dimensions, elves, hunting and metaphysical upgrades

Extract: The Chronicles of Han Storm - Leilaka

"  Moira was waiting for me at the exit from the Faery Dimension. I was surprised to find her there, even more so because she was saddled with a double saddle.
   She huffed lovingly at me, touching my shoulder with her soft muzzle, making me want to kiss her on her velvet nose.
   Before the thought could become an action she put her head in front of my chest, shoving me firmly into the oak tree from which I had just appeared.
   For a moment I feared that I would tumble back into the Faery realm but my shoulders hit the solid surface, the back of my head smacking hard against the trunk.
   *Jays, Moira! Stop it!* I shouted at my Huracan. *What is wrong with you?*
   She seemed excited and at the same time agitated.
   **You respond** she told me, poking me again with her nose on my shoulder, as if to assure herself that I was truly standing before her.
   *Why would I not respond to you? We are inseparable* I replied, trying to dodge away from the tree, just to end up being pinned to it again.
   **I lost you!** she wined for a second, pushing so hard into me that I could no longer breathe.
   "Let go!" I wheezed at her. "I'm here! I'm back!"
   She relaxed her hold a bit and I could breathe again, convinced my bow would leave its imprint in purple bruises on my back in a few minutes.
   She found this thought humorous, backing up a bit more. **I'll heal you. Just NEVER, EVER leave again without telling me!**
   *Oh!* I thought at her. So that was why she was so upset. *I will inform you next time I want to leave.*
   **I do not want to be without you, Han** she told me. **You are part of me. I do not like it when we are not together.**
   I sighed. Sometimes it was better to be alone for a while, but she did not like it when we were separated and I got that message, loud and clear, having the bruises to prove it!


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