Sunday, 19 January 2014

Most Asked Question Regarding The Chronicles of Han Storm Books

The Chronicles of Han Storm Emblem / Symbol

Probably the most asked question regarding Han Storm: Chronicles of Han Storm:

What is the significance and meaning of the Seven Pointed Star Symbol / Emblem used in The Chronicles of Han Storm?

The Chronicles of Han Storm symbol / emblem is the conglomeration of the Cosmic Signs for Creation (or the symbol of perfection) and is considered the Original Cosmic Portal Sign.
Description: A seven pointed star enclosed in the Omega sign (upside down 'u' or horse-shoe), the bottom arms ensnared and grounded by the infinity sign.
The Omega sign represents all energetic portals leading to infinite vibrational energetic destinations, hence the infinity sign incorporating All of Creation.
The seven pointed star represents all the elements of the Universe. Being a Great or Acute Heptagram, represents the highest concentration of energy at accumulation point in the middle of the emblem.
The Seven pointed star also refers to the Realms of Elfes, Faery and Magick.

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