Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Science, Philosophy, Theology - used in the same sentence

Email received from the Chronicles of Han Book Club Members.

Chronicles of Han Storm Book Club Notice

Chronicles of Han Storm Meeting - 21 December 2013, Pringle Bay, South Africa
What a wonderful day spent in the presence of H Gibson, Author of The Chronicles of Han Storm. This was a truly amazing event and the Solstice made it even more so.
After the author had answered all our questions regarding the books and the information contained within, we have unanimously come to the following consensus:
The Chronicles of Han Storm are speculatively real and, although listed as Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy, seen as Philosophical, Theological, and Self Help Guides by most Book Club Members.
The Chronicles of Han Storm have helped many a person to find their path in this life, to make peace with the past, to embrace the future as well as the end of their lives.
It had given those who were passing over peace of mind that a part of them is eternal and lives on forever.
Truly an amazing series set in an entertaining, intriguing and exciting story format.
We can only thank the author for her dedication in bringing these wonderfully educational and enlightening books to the world.
We wish her and her family an amazing 2014 (and hope that the next book will be available soon.)

- The Chronicles of Han Storm Book Club Members

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