Thursday, 23 January 2014

Reincarnation of Racewater

Short Story (exclusive excerpt) from The Chronicles of Han Storm

Reincarnation of Racewater

If you are going to live for 400 years, your friends and family passes on into different dimensions. But sometimes, they wish to re-join you and you get to continue your adventures with their Soul-Spirits reincarnated in new bodies . . .

      } I faltered.
      The young recruit in front of me had your typical Gancor disposition. Dark brown skin, black hair, well-built body.
      He even had the Racewater features stamped across his handsome face.
      But what made me gasp is the fact that before me, within this . . . boy, I recognise my brother, my friend, my handler from so many years ago.

      Daniel Racewater, re-incarnated within this new, vibrant body.
      The young man stuck out his hand, waiting to be greeted.
      Within my distress to see Racewater in front of me, yet also not Racewater any longer, I’ve completely missed the name they call him now.
      “I did not catch your name?” I asked, greeting the young man with a firm glove-covered hand.
      “It is Ignesious Racewater. You can call me Racewater. Everyone does.”
      Even his voice was very similar to Daniel’s.
      “May I ask? Are you family of Captain Daniel Racewater?” I turned away from him, seating myself on the comfortable couch.
      “Yes. I’m his nephew. It is a pity that I never had the honour of knowing him. He passed over before I was born.” 


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