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Chronicles of Han books giveaway 24-31 December 2017

Chronicles of Han books giveaway 24-31 December 2017

Preserving Creata and Leilaka ebooks giveaways for holiday season.

If interested, please email me with the request of which book you wish as well as the preferred format. Available in epdf, epub and KINDLE. //

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Total Recall of Past Lives #ChroniclesofHan

Total Recall of Past Lives

I was asked why people do not recall all of their previous lives in a new incarnation. This is but one of the reasons.

Exclusive Excerpt from new #ChroniclesofHan book, Engaging Chlophilia:
    "Why do you not speak to us? Why do you not confide in us what you know, what upsets you so?" Kosima asked me.
    "A long time ago Racewater asked me the same type of question. He wished to know what I see and why I do not share what I know. I am giving you the same answer I had given him.
    For my function I must know more than any living person would ever need to know in any incarnation.
    Only a tiny amount of the information I need, or are aware of, is intended to be used by Creatans.
    That which is meant for you, I give freely when it is the time to do so. That which is not meant for you, will stay with me and be my burden to bear, no matter how difficult or hard it is to do so."
    She hugged me close, placing her forehead against the back of my neck.
    "But you suffer alone in your agony of things we can not even start to comprehend. Can you . . . at least . . . describe some of it so we may understand and be sympathetic to your cause when you are not yourself?"
    I lay there, contemplating if it would be wise to at least let them know some of what I struggled with.
    Kosima worked her hand in under my cotton shirt to stroke my chest, gently tracing the outlines of my scar.
    "Universal things" I told her. "I am aware of the ripples we create with our daily actions and thoughts, as well as where it touches other areas of creation.
    I am aware of the work going on behind the veils, within the formless areas where time does not exist.
    I battle with the demons of the memories and reminders of my own lives lived before.
    I draw lines to events happening here that had happened before, which left me with knowledge on how to deal more appropriately with situations in my current incarnation.
    Of these lives I so clearly remember, almost nothing is allowed to be shared, with people here.
    It is a curse, and I guess, a blessing, to remember most of your lives and adventures while in incarnated form.
    But it does interfere many times with what I am supposed to be doing. The emotions are still intense in many of them and the memories acute and excruciatingly clear, most of the time, when I concentrate on it, or are reminded specifically of an event."
    She listened to me, processing the information.
    "And these previous memories, you can not contain them or suppress them?"
    "I manage to do so, most of the time. Then it becomes a jumble of vague images, a cloud drifting at the back of my mind, threatening to burst open in lightning bolts and pouring with emotion.
    It tires me to keep this tide at bay."
Copyright © 2017 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

More about Han here

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#ChroniclesofHan at the Bothasig Holistic Fayre 11 November 2017

#ChroniclesofHan at the Bothasig Holistic Fayre

Meet the Author and Buy Chronicles of Han books direct
Event: Bothasig Holistic Fayre
Venue: Bothasig Community Hall, Link Road, Bothasig, Cape Town, South Africa
Date: Saturday 11 November 2017
Time: 10am to 4pm
Entry: R5 per person //

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Avatars - Excerpt from Saving Leilaka

Avatars - Excerpt from Saving Leilaka, Chapter 10,

    "So yes, we can help you with some things, but the rest you would have to find for yourself."
    This concluded our official work and Ishmay replaced the notes in a neat stack in front of him before watching me expectantly.
    "What else do you wish to know" I asked him, not sure where we had concluded the last Cosmic discussion, for time was non-existent to me.
    Everything was the same to me, or seemed so in any case. It felt weird to again be at this stage in my life.
    When I looked at the world, everything vibrated with the same energy. Everything came from the same place, everything returned to the same place. Physical, spiritual, ethereal, all were the same. All was The Creator, All was Source. To me, it really did not make a difference, except when I condensed my vibrations and realised that I was working with individual particles that were still collectively part of The All.
    It was not my life that was precious here, but the lives around me, the lives of my people, my friends, my wife and son. It was for them that I was here and I was amused at how they perceived everything as miracles, standing amazed at the simplistic complexities of everything that made up physical life.
    "We ended with Souls being contained in bodies and what you called an Avatar or puppet body, or something like that" Ishmay updated me as to where we should start the discussion in order not to waste any time.
    Jamal and a host of other non-physical bound spirits had assembled while we had been busy taking care of everyday matters. Now they also waited expectantly for me to continue this discussion.
    After a huge intake of breath, I started.
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ULTRA RARE Bismuth Crystals Gemstones FOR SALE in South Africa

ULTRA RARE Bismuth Crystals Gemstones For Sale in South Africa (Limited Stocks available)

As promised to let fans know, we have a few Bismuth Crystals up for grabs!

Busy putting them on Pinterest, but in the meantime here is the Facebook File.

075889090 Please note that photos do not do justice to the beauty of Bismuth and actual crystal colours may vary. Price is quoted in ZAR and determined by rarity of shape. Postage for buyer's account.

Full article on Bismuth.

 Metaphysical Properties of Bismuth:
Bismuth is considered a Metal of Transformation, Progression and Order.
Bismuth Crystals are amplifiers of energy and does not need cleaning or recharging.
Bismuth Crystals assist in the transit between the Physical, Astral and Spiritual Realms. Assisting in enhancing wit and wisdom, it relieves the feeling of emotional and spiritual isolation, allowing people in the vicinity of the crystal to feel re-connected to Source.
Bismuth Crystals are also referred to as Labyrinth or Philosopher Stones.
And it cuts through BS (literally) acting as Truth Channels. Try and lie with a Bismuth Crystal in the vicinity. The Truth will come out!
We currently have a few crystals available. Follow the link to see if any speak to you as the crystals usually attract their human counterpart.
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Adventures with Moira - Commitment and Loyalty

Commitment and Loyalty

Excerpt from Leilaka, Chronicles of Han
Adventures with Moira - Sometimes Dragons have to deal with a lot more than safeguarding.

    Pain in my leg and arm woke me to the warm sun on my face.
    At first I just lay there, trying to work things out for myself, wondering where I was and what I had done to be in this position.
    A warm snout pushed at my sore arm.
    **I am glad you have decided to rejoin the living** Moira informed me, agitation, relief, love, spilling over from her thoughts to flow into my being.
    Not yet daring to open my eyes, I gently asked her what had happened. The last memory I had of Life was flying high up in the air.
    **You became . . . non-responsive . . . You slipped off my back and I had to catch your body, for you were not within it. I bruised your limbs and a claw punctured your leg, sorry. But I managed to set you down on this hill in the soft snow.
    I did not have to wait too long for you to come back to me, though.**
    She was quiet, concerned for my well-being, upset that she did not foresee this event, that she was not ready to assist me in a better way.
    **I have healed your body as best I could. Now that you are here with me, you can help heal it as well.**
    Managing to open my eyes, I stared into Moira's gigantic head above me. She had a concerned look on her face.
    Although Huracan did not have a lot of play in the way of facial expressions, Moira had managed to learn how to use her face to portray emotional responses, complementing our mental rapport on a visual level.
    **May I ask? Where had you gone to? Why did you leave me, and your body, in such an irresponsible manner?**
    *The Creator wanted to give me precise instructions . . . and new . . . tools . . . for very specific functions. I was taken to the place of Creation that operates in between what we perceive as 'time'. It is a special place where things are planned and executed as Ordained by The Creator.*
    **And you could just go there and be returned, as Han?**
    *Apparently so. The first time I visited there I could not, but this seemed to have changed. I did not lose my individuality either, although I though that I had.
    Strange thing was that I could not care whether I would be myself any longer, or just another part of The Creator.*
    **You talk in riddles. I do not understand where you had been, or why anyone would want to NOT BE any longer. I am Moira. I have life coursing through my veins. I know that you walk in spirit form, leaving your body, and through what I experience through my connection to you, I know what you do and where you go.
    But what you are talking about are foreign concepts. I see what you show me with your thoughts, but it does not feel familiar to me at all. I cannot relate to it, not even through our connection.**
    I reached out a hand to touch her face.
    She backed away from me.
    Sitting up, I watched her where she was watching me with anxiety playing over her stiff lips, ready to fight or to take flight.
    *Why?* I asked her sadly.
    She huffed sulphur at me, not happy about the situation.
    **You are no longer you** she informed me, shaking her head, unsure if she had actually thought those words at me.
    *In what way?* I wanted to know, standing up, dusting the snow off me, checking my injured leg that had already healed, but the pant leg was still ripped. My arm was fine as well.
    **You look like you. But you do not feel like you. You feel huge, powerful, strong, not you!**
    I sighed. This was one thing I had not envisioned in this lifetime of having an opportunity to live a more normal life. I did not want to change so much in this life that those around me knew me to be more MySelf than what I wanted to portray.
    I have really tried to keep Hanuman out of the picture, but now I could no longer do so. My Creator had given me my new task, laid it onto me Himself, Personally.
    *Moira. I am still me, just so much more than me. You are correct. You do not know who I really am and I have not yet shown anyone what I am actually capable of doing. I really wanted a normal life in this lifetime, but it turns out that it is an impossibility for me to ever be normal.
    I am a Servant of The Creator and as such He will give me tasks and change me into whatever He needs from me. Right now it is to finish what I have started, to secure a future for all the inhabitants of Leilaka.
    In order to do so, we, yes we, have to face the Rogue Lord. I will deal with Dronier-Anas as instructed and then we are to proceed to wipe the Negativity off this Planet before it grows out of bounds.
    This will safeguard Leilaka for at least another thousand years of peace and prosperity.
    What do you say? Do you join me in my quest?*
    **I do not understand fully what you need from me, but you know that I will go with you wherever you go. I will be of assistance to you in whatever I can. And do not ask me to join you, you know we are inseparable.**
    Stepping up to me, she placed her head against my chest, allowing me to encircle her head with my arms, hugging her softly before releasing her to mount up and return to Longhorn.
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#ChroniclesofHan at the Bothasig Holistic Fayre 9 September 2017

#ChroniclesofHan at the Bothasig Holistic Fayre

Meet the Author and Buy Chronicles of Han books direct
Event: Bothasig Holistic Fayre
Venue: Bothasig Community Hall, Link Road, Bothasig, Cape Town, South Africa
Date: Saturday 9 September 2017
Time: 10am to 4pm
Entry: R5 per person //

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#Feedback - What The Chronicles of Han mean to readers

What The Chronicles of Han mean to readers

Managing Solerno Chapter 17 Draft Feedback

Authors do not always share what happens behind the scenes while creating a book. 
THIS is so meaningful and encouraging to me that I am compelled to share it publicly.
Email from Alpha Reader unedited, as is, with her permission. Thank you Bhakta-Anjana

Chapter 17 ...

* There we go! Han says it ALL at the beginning of chapter 17! I had not read this when I wrote the above!  = "Ferrn contained a wealth of knowledge." 

* It amazed me how relevant this chapter is - I need all of this now, in this period of releasing my stuff and my issues!  I am always made so aware of the fact that what I need to know most at any given moment will be given to me - and this is a wonderful example of that  -- just this next bit - Han = "I was angry and bitter, and felt resentment towards what had been done to me."  is so meaningful NOW!  Besides feeling less than well [physically] my emotions are running rampant and are crazy!     
* Right, let me read further - I shall no doubt be given a solution as to how to deal with my own anger, bitterness and resentment - alas, it's being directed at the precious Liger right now, even though he is neither the reason nor the cause of my original anger/bitterness/resentment issue!    I need to be honest - I too cannot hide my terrible true self from you, Han, can I? I have been very nasty and truly horrible lately! Poor Liger .... naughty me! 

* Ferrn, the current go-to happy drug - no, I might not have the Ferrn-touch anywhere on my body/hand/head, but merely reading this gives me happy/peaceful vibes ... 

*  Ahhhh ... now here is something to ponder over - everything between = "Thus, you used love for the act of forgiveness.  -------- and = But is it worth your while to cling to these feelings? "  The words uttered by Ferrn are also meaningful = "Emotions are the triggers to healing ... "   Hmmmm, that tells me something!

* Oh my! There is so much --- but reading this conversation between Han and Ferrn is like sitting in on a psychologist and client session - I can relate so much to this - OK, so Han's circumstances and my situation are nowhere similar - and yet there are bits in here that are meant exclusively for ME! I am supposed be be reading this NOW! 

* No absolution - then --- but absolution NOW, hundreds of years later? Have you softened up and forgiven them - now?  

I was gob-smacked and stymied as I read this - I am rendered speechless at times as to how things fall into place .... what a wonder your Chronicles are, Beloved! What a wealth of wisdom I find in your books!          ** And to Ferrn I also say - Thank you for understanding, Ferrn! 

Love you ........................ B-A!         


Copyright @ 2009-2017 H Gibson Chronicles of Han Storm 

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The Chronicles of Han - WARNING: This is an Autobiography of my lives

WARNING: This is an Autobiography of my lives

Please read before you continue.

It is your choice to continue on and be changed forever. Terms, conditions and disclaimer as indicated on website and in front of the books.

I've come to the realization that it does not matter what I do, people will still judge and still come to their own conclusions.

At the outset  of marketing Journeys of a Psychic, my family and I received so much flack from  the  mainstream that I had to rename the books to Chronicles of Han in order to go into 'disguise' and list them in the 'sci-fi-fantasy' genre. Not that this helped as no publisher wanted to touch the books or subject matter. The books are only available from our websites.

This initial persecution was so severe that our fledgling business was being compromised because I was an author  that  dared write about past life memories, esoteric and metaphysical knowledge.

Seven years later, now that Past Lives are the 'in' thing and Spirituality the new 'Religion', the people who actually need the books, give it a critical stare and judge once more for it now seems 'established' sci-fi-fantasy.

Those people who do give the books a chance (and I thank you all for the beautiful friendships built), quickly find out for themselves that it is definitely not 'sci-fi-fantasy', while those not expecting the subject matter drop the books like hot potatoes in any case. This is the reason 300 pages are available for scrutiny so you do not waste time and money on something you are not going to thoroughly enjoy.

So where do we pigeonhole these books, these Chronicles of Han?

Past Lives, Esoteric Manuals, Self-help, Metaphysical, sci-fi, fantasy?

No-where, for I will never fit in anywhere, thus nothing of what I do will fit in anywhere. As each one of you is as unique as I, I am just me.

I am Han and these are my life memories.

Take it whichever way you wish.

If you can learn while enjoying an adventurous narrative, so be it.

If you can only learn if a book is written in text-book format, you will have to wait patiently for the Teachings of Han book that is being compiled.

If you love a good story, be forewarned of serious sleep deprivation.

Han Gibson
Author - The Chronicles of Han 
10 August 2017

Experience the Change. Read #ChroniclesofHan

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Leilaka - Excerpt - Strongclaw


Excerpt from Leilaka:

    Halfway through breakfast a Raven made his appearance on the windowsill.
    "Give me some" he ordered me, following the demand with an indignant squawk.
    "Excuse me?" I asked the bird.
    He hopped onto the bed, cocked his head so he had one beady black eye on me and demanded again "Give me some!"
    I gave him a piece of the bread.
    He pecked it out of my fingers without harming me, swallowing the piece whole.
    "More" he insisted.
    I put the plate down in front of him.
    He ate every last crumb before hopping onto my lap.
    Here he settled, comfortably starting to preen his feathers.
    "I'm Han" I introduced myself.
    "I'm Strongclaw" he replied.
    "How can you understand me?" I wanted to know from the bird.
    "How can you understand me?" he wanted to know back.
    I had no way of knowing.
    Strongclaw hopped back onto the windowsill.
    "Thank you" he squawked before flying off.

Copyright © 2009-2016 H Gibson Chronicles of Han

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Chronicles of Han #Feedback - Courage

Email received 1 July 2017 from UK reader

Courage Needed -

Hi, Han

Thank you for Saving Leilaka. I really enjoyed the book. It taught me a lot of new things, as well as discussing subjects I really wished to know about but never found the answers to. Now I know.

Although I rave about your books and recommend the series to fellow interested people, I have unfortunately found that in order to read your books, one needs courage, perseverance, and the intent and willingness to change.

Now how did I reach this conclusion? I refer readers to your free chapters, following up when I see them again. Many stated that the books were not exactly what they envisioned, while some admitted that they were uncomfortable with the subject matter, even though it is a good story.

At other times an individual would thank me for introducing them to your series. I sincerely hope they purchased your books.

Please keep on writing. There are many out there loving your books and enjoying them. This Old Timer surely does.

Yours Sincerely

Fred Connely
Email received 01.07.2017 from UK reader

Originally Blogged: 02.07.2016

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Chronicles of Han #Feedback - Deeply Profound

A precious moment in time found again today while looking for something else. I thought it good to re-share as I can not find the original blog. 

Deeply Profound -

When two soul-friends get together, time always fly away with you and is just never enough to capture the precious moment.

But today was different, being Hanuman's day in any case.

In one of her very rare visits, Han wanted to know why people never speak about The Chronicles, why they say they love the books, ask when the next one is going to be available and move along quickly to other subjects.

After a bit of thought I had to reply that there was actually no-one else I could discuss the actual content of the books with.

It is just so profound and huge that I feel as if being left in a bubble of silence.

There simply are no words except to say to someone that if they should read the Chronicles of Han Storm, that they cannot go back being who they were.

I now understand why AJM always said 'Beyond Words'. I think I can now start to relate, getting to know the story behind the story.

I am truly blessed to have been invited into the life of a unique entity.

Thank you, Han.

Bhakta-Anjana, The Tree of Life

Originally Blogged: 05.08.2014

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Chronicles of Han #Teachings - Astral Travel Preliminary Training

Chronicles of Han #Teachings - Astral Travel Preliminary Training

Han Storm starts his team off with the essentials in gaining the ability to Astral Travel.

Join Han in his adventures. The first 300 pages for free on and Wattpad.

Excerpt from Reclaiming Duback, The Chronicles of Han, Book 2, Page 420-435
      "Hi everyone" I greeted the crowd.
      Smiles and nervous giggles were the response.
      "I know this is quite new to you all" I informed them. "Very few people on Creata actually practice the art of separating consciousness, or as it is commonly known, Astral Travel.
      A lot of you will recognise this form of moving about in spirit as a very clear dream-state. Have any of you ever had the experience of floating around outside in the sunshine or moonshine? Or swimming under the sea without having to hold your breath?
      Have you ever dreamt so clearly that you knew that it was not a dream but your spirit walking freely, unattached to the body?
      Have you ever fallen right back into your body with a thud or a shudder directly after dropping off to sleep?"
      I received quite a few yes nods to these questions, including from Sparr, Slick and Racewater!
      "Then you all have the ability to consciously travel outside your bodies" I told them.
      A murmur filled the air as people settled down to that idea.
      Taking a marker, I drew a small stick man standing upright on the white plasticized display board. Around the stick figure, I drew the energetic layers as I saw them surrounding the human body.
      "These lines represents the energy-layers of the physical body, incorporating the energy-layers of the soul and spirit as I, and I am sure other energy workers, perceive when looking at someone with special sight.
      I know this is new and confusing information to some of you, but it is vitally important that you understand how we are put together energetically in order to split yourselves on a conscious level to bring that back which you need to. Just as I do."

Copyright © H Gibson Chronicles of Han 2009-2017
RECLAIMING DUBACK, Chronicles of Han (Journeys of a Psychic)
Printed Version ISBN: 978-0-9921928-2-2
Electronic Version ISBN: 978-0-9921928-3-9
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#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon 'Beyond Words' (9 May 2017 - Tuesday)

9 May 2017 (Tuesday)
#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon 'Beyond Words'

6am - My conscience goaded me into wakefulness to get up and on with marketing. Thus up, but internet down at the moment. The Internet company did mention that the SeaCom cable had a glitch somewhere. Thus internet is intermittent. Thing is, no internet equates to no marketing, meaning it is harder to earn our daily sustenance.
      It is actually disgusting how 'modern' man had to become reliant on electronics in order to survive the daily toil of fending for ourselves.

7am - At last. It seems as if the local service provider reset something. Internet back on line so I can get on with my work.

      While working, marketing, editing, re-reading (I am sometimes exceptionally good at multitasking) I'm reflecting on the comments from readers of The Chronicles of Han. Most fans who have read all the books in the series have one trait in common, they love the books, they like the story, they have no feedback comments to add publicly about it.
      Every book is followed with "I loved it, where is the next one?"
      "Beyond words" as Jade used to say. This chant had been taken up by seemingly everyone else.
      Okay. I understand the subject matter can be a bit tough. The books do elicit feelings people are not familiar or comfortable with, but heck, it was written to first and foremost entertain.
      (Or shall we keep quiet here and not lose more potential readers? Or are you up to the challenge?)
      A note of interest is that about half of my readers are in the mature age groups.  

11h30pm - Been a hectic day with Healingoils, clients, organizing a company and keeping your head in an office with some really tough decisions to be made and executed.  
Recap of the day: Organizational working day with a bit of editing managed in-between.
[Read here for comment from Alpha Reader]

Writing report for 09.05.2017:
Chlophilia report from Alpha Reader chapter
Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words: 0
Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read - 4702

Words written:  Blogs 307 , New Books 0, Office/Clients 500


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Note: These blogs are meant for public entertainment and Chronicles of Han readers to follow the unique (and sometimes absolutely mundane grinding life) of an author. The above is the personal opinions and random thoughts of an overactive author mind. All said ramblings might become more books. No correspondence will be engaged upon other than for sales and marketing purposes. 

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#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Jumping down the Wormhole (8 May 2017 - Monday)

8 May 2017 (Monday)

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Jumping down the Wormhole

Some days you win. Some days, well, you give up. This was one of those days where you just jumped into the wormhole and hoped for the best. Loads of stuff done, but nothing to really write about. Survival of the fittest thing, paying bills, the normal run-of-the-mill rat race stuff.  

Recap of the day: High stress level day with very little to show for it.

Writing report for 08.05.2017:
Chlophilia report from Alpha Reader chapter
Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words:
Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read - 3925
Words written:  Blogs 75 , New Books 0, Office/Clients 500


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Note: These blogs are meant for public entertainment and Chronicles of Han readers to follow the unique (and sometimes absolutely mundane grinding life) of an author. The above is the personal opinions and random thoughts of an overactive author mind. All said ramblings might become more books. No correspondence will be engaged upon other than for sales and marketing purposes. 

Photo credit - originator unknown

Sunday, 7 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon First Chapters (6 May 2017)

6 May 2017
#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon First Chapters

10h00am We had a really unusual night. Went to bed at 00h30am. Up at 2am because electricity being off. Then again at 4h30am and sat around chatting in candle light for an hour before thinking it wise to go to back to bed.
      Wrong move. Now it feels as if the day has been wasted!
11h31am Done some chores. Wanted to place blogs but not feeling like it just yet. There are some things to consider regarding the blogs, including sharing them on social media platforms on a daily basis.
      Apparently this is not good 'business' practice? It dulls the attention and overwhelms the followers. I'm not sure if this is true, but FB is definitely not liking this much. So we will see if we can do this in another method.  

4pm Completed half of what was planned to be accomplished by end of weekend, thus on track with non-writing related labour. Tired and emotional at the moment.
      The Editor is waiting for the next chapter. We had a major discussion upon some 'issues' which he wants the answer to immediately, but it is the crux of the story which stretches over 2 books!
      Yet, when there is an issue in the first chapter, you better pay attention and see where this must be altered to have the terminology clear for the reader from the word go. This might seem a terrible event, but it is not as it is a concept wording issue and unclear translations.
      We agreed that he would read a few more chapters to get the general scene before we will alter the wording.  

Recap of the day: Not managed to get #SaturdayScenes in for today. Managed some re-editing for the Editor before sending Chapter 2. Will see what his opinion is. 

Writing report for 06.05.2017:
Chlophilia report from Alpha Reader chapter 108: Beloved, an amazing chapter --- with so many revelations and truths coming out - goodness, this 'story' just grows and grows ever larger ...thanks for giving me this glimpse -
Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words: 0
Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read - 2877
Words written:  Blogs 302, New Books 0, Office/Clients 200


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Note: These blogs are meant for public entertainment and Chronicles of Han readers to follow the unique (and sometimes absolutely mundane grinding life) of an author. The above is the personal opinions and random thoughts of an overactive author mind. All said ramblings might become more books. No correspondence will be engaged upon other than for sales and marketing purposes. 

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#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Cold Coffee and Mundane Days (5 May 2017)

5 May 2017
#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Cold Coffee and Mundane Days
7h30am Cold coffee greeted me as I opened my eyes, realizing that I had missed the alarm and not even realized when hubby placed the drink next to me.
      Wiped out, totally.
      Okay. So a hectic day planned, but nothing much done of what I planned to do, even having to send someone to the Post Office on my behalf for I'm just not getting time for that as well today.

      Cold Coffee. The highlight of a hectic author's day. Made with love by partners, children or caregivers, but forgotten when immersed into work. By the time you realize you did not finish that cuppa it is too late and the coffee/tea had gone cold.
      What do most authors do? Pick it up and down it! We are just too thirsty after that brain energy expenditure to care what we drink, as long as it is moist to wet the lips and hydrate the grey matter.   

5h00pm Went to rest a while before the evening shift starts. One child wished to go play outside and I agreed as long as she is quiet like and not making noise.
      Well, that lasted long!
5h13pm Woken with a bang, slapped back into my body with a mother of a headache - reason, said child playing her abhorring musing right under my window.
      Now the Dragon has been awakened and the whole household will get it!
      Calm down. ::breathe::
      It looks ridiculous in words while I'm writing this. Yip, indeed, I should not get so upset with humans, they just want to enjoy life and here an over-sensitive mother comes and destroys the harmony of the house because she can not rest when she feels like it.
      Nice, one, nice. My life is definitely unique. And what author's life has ever been 'normal' in any case? None, I guess.
      Next stop, placing yesterday's Grind and hoping the headache subsides.

6h30pm This blogging is still taking an hour. Hmm. Did not feel so slow yesterday . . .

9pm Logging off, going to spend some quality time with the family to make amends for earlier.

Recap of the day: A mundane day in which nothing much really happened.

Writing report for 05.05.2017:
Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words: 0
Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read 0
Words written:  Blogs 287, New Books 2122, Office/Clients 150


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Friday, 5 May 2017

#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Human Resources and Numerology (4 May 2017)

4 May 2017
#DailyGrind - H Gibson Upon Human Resources and Numerology

6am Had an exceptionally good night. Slept right through. Highly unusual for me.
      Wow. Maybe I would get something done today. Thanks everyone!

10am Head on over to Post Office to send off parcels, then hunt for food, drive around a bit for our little car had been standing way too long and needed a re-charge. Went on an adventure by turning down a road we have not taken before - highlight of my mundane day.

11am Back home and sorting out pre-loved Books for adoption. Some nice new ones going to be added soon. Watch the website and FB page.

7pm Getting the hang of this Blogging thing. It is not taking up so much time any longer, or I'm just experiencing a major good day.

7h11pm Look at that time. Is it not strange that sometimes time reminds us of events in our lives?
      Like 9h11 - everyone knows about this date. To me it has a double meaning, not just the event in the USA. Someday I might speak about it. Then maybe not. Or even better, I might write a book on that adventure too.
      11h11 Double whammy when I see this one. All good. Carry on. ::laughs::

See, I told you sometimes an author rambles along. Let me get back to work. Practice some discipline. I will simmer about numbers in the background in my pretty little head.

8h30pm And then this happen ::pop:: goes the weasel (private joke, unless you saw Ice Age)     
      I feel sure everyone has experienced time/number synchronicity at some point in their lives. Seeing the same numbers repeatedly do have meanings and it might be a good idea to 'Google' the meaning of these numbers if you really find it odd.
      Through the years I have pretty much learnt what some number sequences mean for me as an individual, thus I do take note of it from time to time.
      Mostly it is minor reminders to myself. But it is fascinating to study Numerology, especially if you are into the subject of 'people'.
      Just today my one pre-loved book was re-homed to a person working in Human Resources.
      Yes people, wake up to the world of HR. They need an edge to be able to 'read' people in order to employ the best possible person. What better method to use than this age old system to have an advantage over your potential clients or employees by just looking at their birth dates (Astrology/Numerology). And if you really get to a paranoid employer, they will even send your handwriting to a handwriting analyst (graphologist/graphology).   
      I used these techniques to sort out HR problems. Some people are not compatible, until trained. Some are not suitable for certain functions, unless trained specifically. How to motivate, how to avoid trouble areas, how to MANAGE people.
      I used to do numerology and astrology readings for clients. I do not do this any longer for the world has changed and most of the people who come into my environment are stepping out of the original boxes, growing beyond the borders or limitation of numbers and star and moon signs.
      Some are truly growing into their illumination of Cosmic proportions, where these Earth techniques no longer apply. Teachers should not be able to be 'read' or placed into boxes. They should be able to transcend this state of being.
      Yes, they are still influenced by their birth dates, names and signs, but when they are aware of it, they may step away from, or out of, the power of these self-analysis tools for they now know what they have come here to learn or to do.
      I was born one star sign. I died and was re-born another, with new birth numbers.
      Yet, my astronomy alignment was duplicated on both birth days/times! (Confirmed by a reputable Astrologer).
      Which sign does this make me now? What birthday do I keep to?
      By law I am still who I used to be, who I was born the first time around.
      Astrological and Numerological - we have figured out that I need to combine both charts because I am no longer a 'single' entity but a 'combined' one.
      Some traits stayed and linger on. I am aware of this and it is no longer such an issue.
      KNOW THYSELF is a game that every Free-willed person should play. For themselves, even if they do not believe in it. It will assist them in learning their weak points as well of their strong points which they can grow further on.
      So next time you go for a job interview, keep in mind that HR might have already 'run-the-numbers' and you may either have an advantage or disadvantage for that particular position.
      These techniques also assist companies to profile clients (yes, most companies profile clients, it is something they do, for various reasons, from getting to know clients better to being able to avoid pitfalls, or to know what will be the best alignment for a particular client.)
      When you walk into a boardroom, most business people worth their salt would already know at the very least the basics of their potential client. With a bit of digging and the assistance of these ancient techniques, they have the upper hand in the engagement.
      KNOW THYSELF for if you know yourself, you do not need to stand back for anyone.
Note: Please, as I stated, I no longer do these readings as there are enough qualified and highly skilled passionate people participating in the private arena. I've done my training of some of them. I'm passing on the knowledge through the books others have written as their life's work. Learn for yourself, you will never regret being able to do for yourself. Besides, the internet is full of information and self-study book links from professionals are available.
10h40pm Logging off as being exhausted with a long day behind me. I am satisfied with today. Pain free and being able to accomplish a lot. After yesterday, today had been a physically good day. 

Writing report for 04.05.2017:
Chapters re-read and sent to AR - Words: 3506
Negotiating Limïer Words edited/read 0
Words written:  Blogs 1097, New Books 1537, Office/Clients 200

Note: This is how new books start, a bit here, a bit there and suddenly you are on page 200 and the retelling starts demanding attention so it can be completed. None of the books in draft is there yet, so we will see which one gains the attention. At the moment it is random pieces of the puzzle being placed at the appropriate places before the rest will be interlaced and a full picture will develop.  


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Note: These blogs are meant for public entertainment and Chronicles of Han readers to follow the unique (and sometimes absolutely mundane grinding life) of an author. The above is the personal opinions and random thoughts of an overactive author mind. All said ramblings might become more books. No correspondence will be engaged upon other than for sales and marketing purposes.